Which Exercise Gives You The Most Grief?

Posted: March 17, 2012 in Socially Fit
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Community Question/Feedback Required

As a fitness community, we all have our different gym routines. Each of us have mixed and matched our exercises according to our goals. Somewhere in each and every plan there is an activity or two that makes us cringe whenever it comes up. I read a post about “The Dreaded One Legged Bridge” on A Life Revived’s Blog yesterday and it made me think, what are some of the common exercises that we all dislike doing? Please leave your answers in the comment box.

P.S. One Legged Bridges will be added to our routine this week. Have an awesome day!

  1. The exercises we enjoy doing the least are pushups and bicep curls.

  2. I have learned to not only put up with the exercises I most despise, but to embrace them. The reason that I hate certain exercises is because they are brutally difficult. This also means that they are extremely beneficial to do.

    I can’t actually think of any workouts I don’t enjoy. There are some I don’t feel like doing at times, but they are also some of my favorites; It’s a love-hate thing I guess.

  3. aliferevived says:

    The ones I despise show where I am weak. I give them 110%!! I want to be challenged because I am tired of going with the path of least resistance.

  4. gfittoronto says:

    I dread doing decline dumbbell flyes…they hurt bad…but when I’ve finished smashing them…my chest feels jacked! I go at these 150% but I am never excited knowing they’re next!! Hangin leg raises as well kinda scare me 😉

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