“You Can NOT Out Exercise A Bad Diet”

Posted: March 19, 2012 in Fitness Tips, Nutrition
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#EatClean and #TrainDirty

As individuals who “live” fitness, it is pretty safe to assume that if one works out then one eats healthy right? Well, that’s not always the case. If you hit the gym on a regular basis and put in an all-out workout, that’s awesome. If you effectively follow it up by filling yourself with high calories and trans fats, then you’ve just ruined it! As elite trainer Alex Hoplyakov told me, “You can not out exercise a bad diet”.

How then can you keep up with a strict exercise routine while consuming less calories, or a healthier diet? You can obtain your protein through meat, fish, or a well blended protein shake.  Instead of going out to your local fast food place or frying your beef, fish, or chicken… grill it. For an extra source of those proteins, try snacking on natural almonds throughout the day. Avoid sugary snacks like candy bars and replace those items with fruits. Believe it or not there are some great tasting potato chips out there and they are a lot healthier than the normal bag of Ruffles. Look in your local health section and give them a try. Count your calories to keep yourself on track! Remember to #EatClean and #TrainDirty because you can never out exercise a bad diet!

  1. Skills says:

    So true. For me, I find that I find off of the exercise horse too when I’m eating badly, because it impacts my energy levels significantly. On Saturday, I started working out again, but ate a bad lunch because I hadn’t eaten breakfast. That will end now though. I stocked up on plenty of fruit so that I have some healthy snacks as I try to get my appetite under control. Whenever I’ve been gorging, I have to re-condition my body to function with less calories and those first couple of weeks are hard as I feel excessively hungry throughout the day and hunger leads to craving and craving to bad food. So, gonna try to keep that feeling away with greek yogurt (Fage, my fave) and fruit and then gradually wean the amount of fruit down.

  2. Good post. Yes being that I have celiac disease I eat pretty nifty rice chips instead of your regular chips. Although if made from potato wheat I am allowed to eat those ..
    But now.prefer the other.

    • Shay via @socially_fit says:

      We found some pretty amazing sweet potato chips recently, but we’re opting for raw nuts, plain yogurt, and fresh fruit for our snacks right now. When we feel like taking it up a notch, we mix them all together with a drizzle of organic honey… delish!

  3. […] event, President Clinton notwithstanding, a new blog friend of mine wrote a post entitled “You Can NOT Out Exercise A Bad Diet“.  I was going to disagree, because I did to an extent, but he’s actually quite right, […]

  4. Kimberly / ThePowerOfRun.com says:

    This is basically what I’ve been blogging about for the last week. I challenged myself to a low carb diet (well, carbs… but no processed foods, no grains, no “junk,” no alcohol). I can get through some pretty tough workouts that way, but it has really slowed down my running. However, in terms of how I feel during the day, I feel awesome. There is something to fueling your body with nutritious foods.

    • My body feels different now that I have stopped doing a few things….mainly smoking. Eating right or fueling the body properly is necessary if you plan on working out and remaining fit.

  5. CharmedYogi says:

    Great post, and so true. Trans fats, stress and sugar love to park fat around your belly no matter what. Though yoga can help with the stress part 😉

    • Yoga really does help with stress. I started to really get into yoga but a change in schedule has thrown me off a bit. Once things settle in the next week or two I plan on getting back into it.

  6. arielnagi says:

    i think this is a great point to make, because i hear so many people–especially in my family–who think that just exercise will do.

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