Fitness Breeds Fitness

Posted: March 20, 2012 in Socially Fit
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Friends and Fitness

For those of you that don’t know, I recently gave up smoking and made a few other healthy changes in early February. Since I began working out on a more regular basis, I have come across more and more people who have offered to help me in my personal quest for well-being.

I walked into my neighbor after he finished running and lifting at the gym. The thing that makes this meeting quite interesting is the fact that in the four years that I’ve known him;  I have spoken to him at least once a week during that span; our daughters play together on occasion; I NEVER knew that he worked out. It’s funny, when you change your lifestyle, the world that you were used to changes as well. He proceeded to give me advice on how to eat. Telling me to eat my all of my carbs before 2PM and for dinner I should eat only proteins and vegetables. He also suggested that I should refrain from eating after 7PM. I gave him a very blank look. He smiled and said one small step at a time.

That just made me realize, fitness breeds fitness. I guess that it’s just the law of attraction. So for those of you out there who are looking for support, a workout partner, some tips on how to better your workout, or anything else fitness related; talk to someone in regards to fitness. You’ll be surprised by great answers that you receive in the strangest of places. This social network for instance, for those of us who love fitness in any capacity, is also another place for you to get some great answers! We certainly have!! Remember, the things you put out into the universe have a way of finding their way right back to you….fitness included!

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  1. bgddyjim says:

    Absolutely right – in fact, this dovetails with your point two posts ago in which you detailed how you can’t outrun a bad diet. Great post.

  2. […] your definition of “not”.  He then wrote yet another post, just today entitled “Fitness Breeds Fitness” in which he (wittingly or not), supplied the definition of “not” when he […]

  3. kahyehm says:

    congratulations on deciding not to smoke 🙂

    • Thanks! It actually took me giving up coffee, energy drinks, and alcohol (90 days for alcohol) to quit. Whenever I had one of those three I would want to light up.

      • kahyehm says:

        so true with alcohol… at least you hit 4 birds in one stone.. its awesome! :))

      • bgddyjim says:

        Are you a brother from another mother? I had to do a double take when I got the email for the reply.

        I have 19 years – congratulations brother, keep up the good work!

        It won’t get easier, but it’ll get a whole lot better.

  4. Absolutely! Each small step builds on itself. You do a little more. And then find you want to do a little more. It’s a process and LOA absolutely can help hold you in place or help you get where you want to be. Great blog!

  5. swabby429 says:

    One reason I joined a gym is that I get automatic support from the peer group-think that exists in that environment. I’d have a hard time continuing without a gym membership. I’ve been going for over 20-years. I don’t consider myself to be a “Jock” either.

  6. Yes I heard too to finish your dinner and snacks by 7pm. Not sure if all together true. Have u seen these other cultures who start dinner at 10pm ?? I don’t see too many overweight people in those cultures SS bad as in USA.

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