Get A Great Body In Seven Days Or Less…

Posted: March 21, 2012 in Fitness Tips

…Yeah Right

People begin exercising for various reasons. Some do it because it’s doctor’s orders, or because they were talked into it by a friend, while others do it because they want a healthier lifestyle. No matter what the reason, it’s always worth the effort to start. There are however “impulses lurking” that make it easy to fall off of the wagon. One of those being, “I want a summer body”. This selection may lead to quitting because changes are not seen in a matter of days.

In today’s age we are used to seeing immediate results. Whether it comes from your microwave dinner or an instant scratch and win lottery ticket, we are used to seeing an outcome in 60 seconds or less. In some cases this thought process also applies to our bodies. Such thinking makes selling a DVD that boasts the ability to give you a 6-pack set of abs for only 5 minutes a day, as easy as pi.

We need to understand that it took years to create these unhealthy habits that our bodies are now used to, and it will take time to undo the damage and truly sculpt our bodies into what we want them to be. Don’t t get discouraged by the scale or the mirror, also give your  exercise plan and diet more than a 48 hour window. It will work as long as you stick to it and give it 100%. Remember, the only person who can stop you from living a healthy lifestyle and obtaining a great body, is you.

  1. bgddyjim says:

    I want what I want when I want it!!! Now give it to me! :D!!!

  2. Absolutely! Patience and consistency is key!

  3. I agree we live in a instant gratification society. In my oppion the under 30 crowd falls into this category far worse than any other group I can think of…Unwilling to understand that not everything is ingoals-jobs,weigh loss,wants or needs. It takes hard work and patience to achieve goals.

  4. skinnyfattofit says:

    This is very true. This is why so many people fall off the wagon. Having realistic goals that are attainable is a good way to override this attitude, and acceptance of the journey is a big part or getting where you want to be.

  5. Eggkins says:

    Did you say easy as pie?

  6. Haha.. if only it could be instant!!
    I think the only way to really stick to it all is to really enjoy what you’re doing… that’s what has worked for me, anyway.

    • Indeed. If it were that easy we’d all be in the mirror saying, “Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, yeah!”.

      • Eggkins says:

        To paraphrase LMFAO “It’s starchy and I pass it”, I think that’s how that song goes.

    • Eggkins says:

      There is a saying that anything can be done one day at a time. Just for today I will eat healthy. Just for today I will walk past the chocolate calling my name on the counter at work. Just for today I will say no thanks when that co-worker insists that I have some of her marvelous rum cake, and say no thanks, and no thanks and no thanks.
      Is today over yet?
      Thank God!

  7. Great advice..especially the last line!

  8. Misty Young says:

    “Remember, the only person who can stop you from living a healthy lifestyle and obtaining a great body, is you.”

    Totally awesome quote. Absolutely the most important TRUTH. Thank you!

    Excited to be part of this journey too.

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