Running At Reveille

Posted: March 22, 2012 in Workouts
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Semper Fi

It’s 4am, I’m up before reveille, and the city is quiet. I’m trying to put on my running shoes in the dark so as to not wake anyone. Thankfully even the dog is silent this morning. I haven’t done anything like this since my days as a Marine, and oddly I’m a little excited. So here I go, out the door, just me and the concrete below my feet. I wonder what my lungs are going to feel like now that I’ve stopped smoking? Will I survive the route that I’ve laid out for myself? I don’t know but here I go, I’ll finish this post when I return.

I finished my run much faster than I thought that I would. Tomorrow I’ll push myself further. My lungs are not on fire, as I expected them to be, that’s a plus. This run was on the short side but it was my first time out; I’m still sweating, my heart racing. My six year stint as a Marine totally came in handy as I called cadence to myself , amazing how it helps me to control my breathing. Lot’s of memories came to mind. I like running at this time of day. There’s no one around, no noise or distraction. Very peaceful, I can clear my mind. I feel energized by the run, and I’m filled with pride in myself and my new-found love for fitness. This was definitely an amazing run and I would like to thank each and every person who has contributed in one way or another to being “Socially Fit”.

You really make this easy…well easier. Let’s keep moving forward and striving for perfection. Thanks for stopping by!

And as we say on twitter: #EatClean and #TrainDirty! #SemperFi!

  1. AlyssTG says:

    Early morning is certainly the best time for any physical activity. Glad to hear running went well – keep up the good work and enjoy!

  2. AWESOME! Congrats to you. I am sure your family is VERY proud of you as we are your blog readers!

  3. davygordon says:

    Being an eight year navy vet, I took all those opportunities to get fit for granted. in the middle of p90x I realize that a lot of these exercises are very similar. I had access to a free gym! Had more then ample time to get in shape. I was a buck 30 soak and wet when I joined and it slowly caught up with me. A year or so after my discharge in dec 2010, I ballooning to my heaviest at 210. I quit weighing myself and I don’t count calories. I judge my success right now on clothes and the mirror and I’m liking my results so far. I am excited to get bach into running once I complete p90x here in may.

    Thanks for your service.

    • P90X will be entiring my life this fall. Is it working well for you? It is easy to balloon after you get discharged. You take that PT time for granted and assume you can just do it at anytime. I know now that it is not true.

  4. juscree says:

    Oh how I miss those days. Navy Vet July 2000-2008

  5. davygordon says:

    yeah it’s working great! im in week 5 right now. just make time for it and you can see some great results. the big thing i’ve been noticing too, which yall know this as well but eat clean! 20% is the workout. 80% is the food you fuel with. i was in 2002-2010.

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