Without Direction You Won’t Get Anywhere

Posted: April 3, 2012 in Fitness Tips
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Avoid Becoming A Fitness Vagrant

Exercise is part of a healthy lifestyle. It is good for the body in general, keeps you active, and in shape. So I ask you, WHY exactly do you workout? For most of you the answer will be crystal clear. Some people have no idea why they even entertain the idea of fitness. This is a problem. Without a goal, it is much easier to give up when an exercise gets to tough, a bike trail has an incline, or a run is too long. Without purpose, there is no reason to try.

What you want to avoid is getting trapped in that fitness void. The thought process is usually, “I know that I need to exercise, so I’ll get a membership to a gym and start to workout”. This ultimately turns into a waste of time and money. Many of us realize that we need to become physically active and jump into it without a plan. Without focus there are no results.

Without aim you may also be in danger of becoming a fitness vagrant. You may try different exercises everyday and genuinely give it the ‘ol college try, but see no results. This can lead you to think that you are not suited to a life of fitness because you see little to no results. Having some kind of workout design can eliminate your chance of being a fitness vagrant.

Any goal is a good goal to become fit. Some people say they want a “beach body” and when we hear that used as a reason to workout we usually laugh. In reality, that is a goal in which people will work towards. Others exercise because it is literally the difference between life or death. Even if you wish to maintain the body and level of exercise that you have worked your way up to, that is still a reasonable focal point.

Start by setting small goals for yourself and find exercises that challenge you. Going further on a run than you did last week or doing one more set than you did before are good places to start. Having an objective will pull you out of bed on those rainy days. It will help you say no to that extra slice of cheese cake. Seeing a better version of yourself in your mind can add that extra bit of motivation that you would not find in someone who just wants to start exercising. In any journey you begin you must have some direction…or else you won’t get anywhere.


  1. T Hollis says:

    “Start by setting small goals for yourself…” Excellent advice!

  2. bgddyjim says:

    I ran for years with only one race in mind every August, the rest was social – I run with a club so that kept me honest. Even just that one race was important though. Great post.

  3. Paula says:

    I do yoga for several reasons: it calms me, works my body and mind together, allows me to have a break from my home responsibilities, introduces me to other like-minded people, and teaches me patience. To me, being fit means I can do more living. It creates a synergy between me and my environment. Love it!

  4. This was a fantastic post for me to read, given the standings that I’m in on my weight loss journey. Time to make a solid goal/plan, and stick to it 🙂

  5. Sandra says:

    Oh, I TOTALLY agree with this. If I don’t have a goal, I aimlessly work out–sometimes treadmill, sometimes elliptical, sometimes weights, never a plan and never success. I signed up for Triathlons because I hate running, but one of the only two times I’ve ever lost weight has been when I jogged every other day. So, why not a Triathlon? I love biking (I’m not fast–but I’m also not doing it to win). And I don’t hate swimming any more!

    Looking forward to reading more on your blog! (When I saw The Monkey Wrench, all I could think about was Hayduke and Ed Abbey!). 🙂 Made me smile.

    • Thanks for reading! We aim to make a community of fitness lovers! We hope to see you again. Always aim for your goal. We’re glad you can make you smile with the monkey wrench.

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