All It Takes Is One…

Whenever we begin working out, we usually have some kind of goal in mind. We also expect to be able to see the results. As rational people, we also know that these results are NOT created by one or two sessions. After a month or so, we do assume that we will bear witness to some kind of change in our bodies. If you’re a runner you may be expecting to be able to run longer than you have before, for a power lifter you want to see those plates increasing, and if you Zumba you anticipate yourself being able to not only know parts of the routine, but the ability to participate in a class without having to stop in the middle of the workout. If we don’t see that change, feel the difference within ourselves, have someone else notice a transformation in our bodies, or obtain any kind of positive reinforcement, we can become a bit discouraged.

Being as motivated as we are, we keep moving forward in hopes of seeing a metamorphosis. Then it happens. One day out of the blue, we look in the mirror and we take note of a slimmer belly. We put on those jeans and they are noticeably more loose. One of our close friends or family members mentions how we have lost weight or gained muscle. Something happens that triggers a new-found sense of accomplishment and motivation. We are proud of ourselves for sticking to our plan and we want to train harder the next time we workout. This feeling does not happen often, but when it does we know it and we love it. Have you had your “fitness epiphany” yet?

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  1. hcah says:

    Great post and so true!

  2. Dr Ken Romeo says:

    No doubt about it, the fitness epiphany makes it all worth while. Sometimes I wonder why we strive so much for outside validation.

  3. Kimberly / says:

    I have already experienced this myself. But, it is so awesome to experience this with others now. Two days in a row! Yesterday I ran with a friend who ran 13 for the first time. Today, as I left the gym, another came up just beaming because she finally ran her first “easy” three miles. I SO remember the day 3 miles seemed effortless. That was the day I was officially hooked.

    • I am feeling better about my running. I a up to almost 2K now, and every week I run further. I do wish I had someone to run with but I always feel better after a run.

      • Kimberly / says:

        My next order of business is to figure out what is going on with my biking legs. I can’t believe how slow I am. And I have no idea why. One thing at a time, right?

      • Indeed. I am looking to purchase my 2-wheels this summer. I want to ride and run. I welcome this new lifestyle and I think it is awesome to have great people to share it with!

  4. I have had that type of moment myself. A picture from just last Christmas. My wife looked at the picture then looked at me and said:

    “Oh, my.”

    I smiled.

  5. Liz says:

    My fitness epiphany is that even though it can be hard getting back into a routine of exercising when you’ve lapsed for a while, whenever I get off my butt and do it it’s always the BEST thing I’ve done with my time that day.

    I don’t know wny we often struggle so much to actually get to the gym/go for that walk/etc but i guess that’s human. I’ve written this epiphany down to remind myself now that nothing will make a bigger difference to my body, my mood and my day than getting out there and sweating for an hour or so!

    • Agreed, agreed, and AGREED! There is nothing better than actually getting some exercise. It’s like eating veggies as a kid. I didn’t like them initially, but now I have to have them.

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