Have You Left Unhealthy Behind? #EatClean #TrainDirty

Posted: April 8, 2012 in Socially Fit
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Making Progress Together

This Easter Sunday marks two weeks of “Leaving Unhealthy Behind” for us here at Socially Fit. In lieu of that (and reminding those of you who plan on pigging out to stop and think about what is going into your body), we would like to hear more updates from all of you who have dropped an unhealthy habit.

We have been doing great. I (Shaun) have stopped eating late night snacks, in fact I have managed to stop eating completely after 8PM (9PM if I am working late nights). I have noticed an increase in hunger when I wake up, and more often during the day. Shay has managed to give up her junk food habit and keep those urges at bay by drinking water or having healthy snacks such as fruits or nuts. She has also replaced her lunch meal, with a protein shake.

We plan to keep this going and after one month we will say goodbye to yet another unhealthy habit, as we continue to add more fitness to our existing lifestyle.  So let us know how you’re been doing.

If you haven’t left anything behind, there is no time like the present to do just that! Leave a comment and let us know which habit you are going to get rid of.


  1. Julianna says:

    I watched Forks Over Knives (documentary) and that changed just about everything for me. It was this eating change that allowed me to get jazzed about exercise…like the commitment us coming from deep inside, because all the shifts feel so good. Feeling lucky!

    • Changing our eating habits make us feel good both physically and mentally. I love how it makes me feel….and it shows in your comment as well. I can see that you feel great about your change! Let’s continue to live this lifestyle!

  2. I have been eating clean for 48 days. It is amazing the little changes you notice in your mood and body. I even have had a massive improvement in my asthma. Eating well and treating your body well can do amazing things. Keep it up!

    • We plan on making this a lifestyle change. Watching what goes into our mouths has changed the way we do everything. We shop differently, exercise more, and have more energy. Thanks for your support and you’re a great addition to our network.

  3. Dr Ken Romeo says:

    It’s hard to believe, but the processed food aisles in the grocery store “smell” like chemicals. I have avoided them for so long — sort of like an alcoholic would avoid a bar room I suppose — that I had forgotten how yukey they smell.

    Happy Easter

    • We are trying to eliminate those from our house too. We have to do a grocery budget report because eating healthy is costing us a pretty penny…

      • Dr Ken Romeo says:

        Now THIS is a surprising point. One of the arguments I make in my book is that eating healthy to reverse or stop degenerative disease progression actually costs LESS!

      • Really? Well I think I need to take a look at your book because my favorite cookies and my favorite fruit, bluberries cost the same amount of money…only the cookies last for a week and the blueberries 2 days.

      • Dr Ken Romeo says:

        It won’t be out until the Fall. I can tell you this though: My limited experience on wordpress has shown (actually, proven to me) me that there is a “world of difference” between what professional athletes and elite amateur athletes eat to compete at their respective levels vs. the wordpress health and fitness blog posts.
        We shall see. Happy Easter and keep those posts coming!!!! I enjoy reading your blog.

      • We enjoy having you!!! Happy Easter. I am eating fish and salad!!!

  4. Liz says:

    About 3 months ago I did a detox – once I’d finished I kept a few of the elements of that lifestyle like not eating meat and having a green smoothie (spinach, spirulina, cucumber) etc in the morning and I’ve had a huge increase in energy! I’m working on cutting back dairy as well and filling my body with more alkaline foods to keep the pH happy 🙂

  5. T Hollis says:

    Accountability to someone else helps with habit changes. I’m forwarding this to my friend who is 5 days in to escaping a sugar addiction!

  6. Wonderful! Way to take action!!

    The more the merrier… tho in this case it’s healthier!

  7. Great to see you doing what you love team. Keep it up. Love reading your stories and hearing your views.

  8. cruz2lose says:

    We have nominated you for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award. : )


  9. Have been trying to eat about 1700 calories a day and seems to be doing the trick. Great blog. Thanks

  10. I’ve decided to eat healthier by cutting out all the sugar and fatty foods from my life. Although not being in the states is harder to stay on a healthy lifestyle because the food they prepare here is mostly fatty so it’s hard to choose the healthier choices. I’ll be better in a couple months when I can start buying and preparing my own foods. I think the only thing I have a hard time getting out here is dairy products which they say are supposed to help you.

  11. breathe4u says:

    Wonderful articles. I was a bodybuilder at a few years earlier in my life. I am out of the hard training right now, but your inspiration will bring me back around!! Thanks!!

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