There’s No Improvement Like Self-Improvement

Kaizen is a word I have adopted over the past two months and it has become one of my many mantras. It is Japanese for “improvement”, or “change for the better” refers to philosophy or practices that focus upon continuous improvement of processes in manufacturing, engineering, game development, and business management. It has been applied in healthcare, psychotherapy, life-coaching, government, banking, and other industries*.

I apply it to my personal life, love, family, work place, and yes… fitness.

Wanting a better version of yourself is nothing to be ashamed of. It does not mean that you are unhappy with who you are, it implies that you know that you are capable of more than you already are. I firmly believe this and I set out every morning to prove it to myself and those around me. We should all look for self-improvement in one part of our life. Make today the day that you improve upon your run, the day that you go above and beyond at work, or the day you keep those promises that you have made to your loved ones.

Everyday we rise to shine.


*Source: Wikipedia

  1. I might have to add “Kaizen” to my repetorie. It has a nice ring to it 🙂

  2. Rohit Arya says:

    Crisp and impactful!

  3. bajwa007 says:

    Great post as they say there is always room for improvement!

  4. Great idea to have a word that you use to stay motivated. Love it!

  5. Kimberly / says:

    It would be a boring world if we were all content to be mediocre 🙂 I agree with you 100%!

  6. dancingrealm says:

    Very inspiring my friend! On hard days, a good read like this gets you going!

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