Mental Toughness (The Stress Named Life)

Posted: April 17, 2012 in Fitness Tips
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Life Is Like A Box Of Chocolates…

Everyday presents its own struggles, some more daunting to overcome than others. This is a part of life itself. We have all learned at an early age that things do not always go our way. This includes our mental state when it comes to engaging in our fitness routine.

There are many things that can have a negative effect on the way we workout. These negatives can also prevent us from hitting the gym altogether. A poor performance at the gym is very dangerous. This can lead to improper form and injuries. We do not need to compound our stress with an injury that we can prevent.

When we are not engaged mentally, physical activity becomes a chore. No one enjoys chores. There are many stresses that can play the part of that mental anchor which holds us down; money, relationships, work, among many other issues we may face in our day-to-day lives.

How do we conquer these roadblocks? This is another mystery. Everyone handles problems in their own manner. Some people actually find running, lifting weights or bike riding great for stress relief. Others just can not find the energy to do anything. What would you suggest to someone who really enjoys exercising but is facing one of life’s curveballs?


  1. Liz says:

    I think keeping active is really important to our happiness and sense of wellbeing – especially in difficult times – but you’re right, there are times when your energy is so flat because of other things happening in life that even the idea of working out seems impossible! What I’ve learnt to do is take my exercise to a place of love: I don’t push myself to do a big gym workout or ‘achieve anything’ but I’ll get together with a close friend, grab a takeaway coffee and go for a long walk and a chat. Or go to a deep-stretching yoga class. Get some emotional support and then extend that same love to your body!

  2. When my energy is low and I’m stressed, I go for something easier and social like a walk with a friend (or at least the dog), a Zumba class (you can’t help but laugh and feel supported), or an easier yoga class. The first few minutes may feel rough, but I always feel better once I’ve moved.

  3. dancingrealm says:

    Inspiration in the form of reading quality material (like this blog), photos, videos of people working out etc all can give the person that extra umph to haul ass and get their blood pumping. On the other hand though, its important to understand your own body so that on the days you do have low energy or aren’t feeling quite up to it, you can differentiate bw either feeling lazy or having lack of will power or just the simple need for the body to take the day off.

  4. skinnyfattofit says:

    My energy was low yesterday, then i recieved an award, go check out my recent post, I pasted it on to you, this should energize a bit!

  5. wraithe says:

    Oh man. When you figure it out let me know. Ugh.

  6. Miss Busa says:

    My energy was low today. I was so sleepy. My husband actually got me moving. We rode to a park across the river he wanted to check out. I ran three steps and knew I was going to be in for it. It was 86F and humid. My legs were agony. I couldn’t get through 3 miles without taking three walking breaks in the second half. My lungs were on fire and my allergies were acting up. I felt defeated, but not before setting a new personal best for the mile by 27 seconds to 9:11. And 911 is exactly who I wanted to call when I reached the end of today’s 3-miler. Talk about having to use sheer mental power… ugh! I hope tomorrow’s 6-miler is going to be less of a mental drain.

    • Miss Busa says:

      ….oops. I forgot to add the reason why I commented in the first place: I’m glad my hubby got me moving, I’m glad I put myself through a tough workout, because the rest of the day, even though still sleepy, I felt much much better and was in a happier mood.

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