I Am Me And You Are You

Once you’re into a lifestyle filled with exercise, you tend to talk to others about fitness and share ideas. This is an awesome growth tool. Getting tips from a variety of people can help increase your level of fitness. There is one thing that we must keep in mind as we get advice from others, what may work for them may not work on us.

I have heard quite a few stories about particular exercises not giving the same results from one person to the next. I also hear people bad mouthing certain routines. We have to take into account one little difference, DNA. Genetics plays a part in how we all progress. Some of us are able to build muscle mass, while others workout like maniacs and barely make into the “lean” category.

Don’t get discouraged if a fitness routine is not made for you. Find one that is either more suited to you or one that will give you the results that you desire. There are many ways to build a muscle, all you have to do is find the proper way to build yours. All men were not created equal…nor were all exercises.

Train hard today, excel tomorrow.

  1. It is also important to remember that some exercises may take a skill set or level of fitness that someone may not (yet) possess. Don’t let your ego get in the way and attempt something you’re not ready for – it will only lead to injury AND a bruised ego!

  2. sashamaggio says:

    There are some differences, such as variations of protein needs between men and women, athletes and people trying to lose weight… and differences in ability…

    But it’s not exactly “DNA” or “genetics”…. when I have one person working on a program and getting excellent results and another person doing the same program with moderate or even no results, the one who is less impressed with the program is often not doing something properly — if you just mindlessly flow through the routine without thought or effort, or if you’re rushing when the sets should be controlled, your results will not be the same — if you’re working hard but not paying attention to what you fuel your body with (nutrition & water intake, over-use of sports drinks, sugars, etc) or how much you consume…. you’re going to struggle.

    I’ve had some people say to me, “I work out so much, I should be able to indulge.” Yes, on occasion, but not every day. If you’re working hard and over-indulging daily, you’re basically doing all that work to maintain your present weight/physique/muscle. Don’t have a “cheat day”… have a “cheat meal” — for example.

    Diligence will improve results, and patience will get you there 🙂

  3. I, personally, think it’s all about finding something you enjoy. If you’re having fun during your workout, you’ll be more diligent about doing it and excelling at it. As sashamaggio said above, some people mindlessly flow through certain routines — probably because they just aren’t having fun and just want to get it over and done with.

  4. Mei says:

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