The Taste Of Healthy

It has been 4 weeks since we began the “Leaving Unhealthy Behind Challenge“. For those of you that are unaware, this is the first time in my life that I have ever watched (other than the literal sense) what goes into my body. I have noticed various changes in my energy levels, appetite, and in my taste.

My energy has skyrocketed. I am able to sustain most days without having that “I need a nap” period. I am doing more physically than I have done since I was in boot camp for the USMC. During workouts I feel as if I can go much longer than I did prior to the change in diet.

I find myself getting hungry about every two hours. My appetite has gone from wanting one huge meal a few times a day with a ton of greasy, sugary, and fatty snacks sprinkled inbetween, to wanting a few smaller meals mixed with fruit and nuts as snacks. I wake up between 4:30AM and 5:00AM normally (I sleep in until 6:00AM on Sundays) and after my AM workout I head straight for food and eat continuously until 8:00PM. My cheat is usually a Tim Horton’s (Canadian equivalent to Dunkin Donuts) Bacon B.E.L.T. on a Cheddar Bagel every Saturday morning.

I have noticed that I no longer crave the foods that were once a constant in my life. No more Ruffles “chips” while playing video games after work. No more sharing candy with the kids. I have even kicked my 10:00PM peanut butter cookie (anywhere between 4 and 8) routine. My taste buds have altered as well. I tried something fried at a “greasy spoon” restaurant a week ago and was turned off by the taste of lard and fat. That came as a huge shock because I have always been a fan of fried foods.

My leaving unhealthy behind challenge has become a mainstay. I now consider this a lifestyle change as it is something I plan to keep for the rest of my time on Earth. Have you been keeping your eating habits in check? Have you been eating healthy for years? Are you looking to begin eating healthy? If any of these questions apply to you or if you have something you would like to say, please leave a comment!

Change your diet, change your life…


  1. Julianna says:

    How fun to see such shifts!!

  2. Katie says:

    I was shocked the other day when I had a donut. Someone had brought them in as a gift and I decided to enjoy. I warmed one a few seconds in the microwave and was actually confused when I bit into it. This is what I used to love so much?

  3. Dr Ken Romeo says:

    Your last six words sum up the whole thing.

  4. Karen Wan says:

    I’m just beginning the journey to living healthy this year. I gave up eating sugary foods every day earlier this year. I have tried sugar a few times since doing that, and it just doesn’t appeal to me as much as it once did. I just bought two pedometers yesterday — one for myself and one my youngest son. We’re on a quest for 10,000 steps per day. I enjoy reading your blog to keep me motivated to move forward!

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  6. Jan Lumibao says:

    I started watching what goes into my body more seriously a while back, and though it was pretty hard to begin, after only a while it became much, much easier to consistently eat whole, healthy foods. After feeling and seeing my body respond positively to my lifestyle changes, I was a little confused as to why I hadn’t started the habit before!

  7. It amazes me that people worry about what gas they put into their car, or foods they give or dont give their dog but will litterally put garbage in their mouths!! Keep up the good work.

  8. T Hollis says:

    “Change your diet, change your life” is absolutely correct! Intentionality is required and the sky is the limit!

  9. Ayngelina says:

    Every time I notice that I need naps more and more frequently it is almost always related to what I have been eating. Good luck with the challenge!

  10. Healthy eating is an important part of life and any training program. As you mentioned, with the right foods, you have more energy and feel motivated to do more.

    In the theme of “leaving unhealthy behind”, my resolution this week is to include more avocado (full of healthy “monounsaturated fats and other nutrients) into my diet. So far so good – I’ve made avocado and banana bread (from scratch) for a snack and did avocado tuna melts for dinner yesterday!

    Good luck with the challenge!

  11. graceyb says:

    Yes, i have changed my eating habits recently as well. I alway ate moderately healthy, but I have eliminated most all dairy, cut back on meats and chicken to about once a week and then only grass-fed beef and natural, locally raised chicken, and added tons and tons of vegetables. I feel great, I have lost about 4 pounds and people have even commented that I look really good!

  12. vgrandja says:

    The thing with me is that I`m aware that I`m putting sweets into my body but the trick is to stop the cravings. Don`t know how to successfully start this way. Before I just said I wasn`t going to overeat and also not eat sweets for two days, then it turned into a week and then a month. After a month it got easier to not overeat, but I still ate sweets once a week. I`m jealous of those people who don`t eat sweets even once a week. Eating sweets – and esp. eating them a lot has been a habit since I was about five years old. I`m in my early 40s now.

    • It was very difficult for me to let go of sugar. I still battle with it every day, but it’s getting easier and easier to manage. It’s been almost five weeks now, and I no longer crave it. For the first five days, I had horrible headaches but once they were gone it became easier and easier. Any thing you set your mind to you can achieve… trust me.

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