Exercise: Make Time, Not Excuses

Many of us have experienced an incident in which we ended up missing a workout. Now missing one or two is really no big deal. What happens when skipping one or two sessions turns into a week or a month of not exercising? I personally do not wish to find out. I have recently taken on a new position at work, which causes me to miss a lot of my gym time. My body is screaming for a workout but there is very little time for it. Other than my early morning runs, I have barely given my body the burn it so eagerly desires.

With that in mind, I have been searching for some exercises to get into while I’m at home. I have found a few that are pretty awesome and with some self-motivation can have excellent results. This is where I would love some suggestions. I am looking for a way that I can work chest and core while at home with nothing but a mat. Functional workouts are great and I am willing to try all that you suggest. Below is an exercise that has become a part of my AM routine.

An excuse = Any reason for not wanting to try

  1. mandy main says:

    YOGA! I’ve been practicing seriously for almost a year and my core has never been stronger. There are specific poses that target the core area that can be done in just 15 minutes. It does wonders for the mind, as well! Good luck–I know it’s hard to fit everything in when we are expanding our lives in other areas.

  2. joranvar says:

    I myself do like to do some regular or wide-arm push-ups, and for my back something they call the “Superman”. Also some let-me-ups and let-me-ins, but those do require a desk and a door, respectively. They don’t really take long and don’t need much special preparations, but still make you feel your muscles afterwards 🙂

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  5. bgddyjim says:

    It is a rare, but known fact, that it is impossible to do too many push ups.

  6. Jan Lumibao says:

    It’s funny that this post comes up today; having two exams today, getting to the gym yesterday wasn’t a possibility. After the way these exams will go though I’m forseeing a lot of frustration and anger getting exerted on the squat rack tonight haha.

  7. Alex says:

    If you have an iPhone or an iPad, download the Nike Training App. It’s full body exercises that can be done with no equipment and they’ll kick your butt!

  8. tinkerwolf says:

    Hi, l found you because you like one of my posts, I’m going to take a look around as I love the idea of what you are doing. Have you seen this site, it’s my friends and whilst some of it needs equipment, some doesn’t, I like it as it’s simple and easy to use 🙂


  9. Skills says:

    There’s this great core/chest/arms power move on the Bob Harper section of TBL Cardio Max. It’s the travelling push-up. This is it, except in Cardio Max, he starts it standing and then you hand walk into downward dog, then push up/plank position, then do the travelling push up. I have to go on my knees right now. But, I’m hoping by week two, I’ll be on my toes!

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