We Would Like To Thank You

We started this blog on March 11th with the idea of creating a network for those who have an interest in fitness. It has grown into more than we could have ever imagined. We have met a number of tremendous people as well as shared many encouraging stories. This has truly been an awesome ride thus far, and the possibilities are endless!

With the number of people in our network continuing to grow, we would like to take time out to say thank you for being a part of it. To anyone who has read one of our posts, left a comment, mentioned us (via blog, Facebook, Twitter, or any other social media outlet); we can not express enough gratitude for your continued support. We can only hope that you remain with us as we continue our journey towards fitness and well-being.

Motivation is received daily by those who think enough about us, to interact. There were days when we didn’t want to run, workout, or even write. Just knowing that there would be someone out there interested in what we had to say; who perhaps believed in our efforts; gave us the extra push required to get off our butts and move forward. For the countless comments, cheers, jeers and awards, we are eternally grateful.

As a team, we at Socially Fit urge you to move forward with us in this journey towards well-being, as we make health and fitness commonplace in every life.

If you believe in yourself, so will everyone else.

  1. dem0na says:

    I’m on a path back to fitness from illness. You inspire me.

  2. hcah says:

    Keep it up guys!

  3. peterdopson says:

    Thank youuu….But I still eat chips.!

  4. elisariva says:

    Great points! I must say, it is one thing to not workout by choice. It is another thing to not be able to workout due to injury. My sprained ankle has given me all the more reason to make the most of every day and every workout. I didn’t skip a day, I just had to modify what I did. My appreciation for the ability to sweat has increased! Keep the motivation coming.

    • Injury is definitely a reason to avoid working out, however as you stated the rest of your body still works! Awesome that you could modify your routine and keep going! We would have done the same. There’s always options…

  5. keep it up guys – i enjoy reading your posts. Inspiring stuff!

  6. 1stjoeyanna says:

    Thank you for all the commitment! Your site is great!

  7. m3lly78 says:

    thanks for motivating & inspiring! keep up the great work!

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