The Face In The Crowd

I run at 5AM every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. My runs increase by 1 city block each week. My wife (also the other half of Socially Fit) knows this and cheers me on from the comforts of home. She recently mentioned that she will meet me on the last leg of my run and keep up with me until I finish. I never expected to see her out there that early. Today for some reason I was having a hard time convincing myself to finish. As I turned the corner and headed into the last leg of my run, my body picked up the pace through sheer muscle memory because mentally I did not have the energy to do so. As my lungs caught fire I saw a body coming in the opposite direction, not a rare sight in the city.  As I got closer I heard, “C’mon babe, you’re almost there”. When it finally clicked as to who it was I forgot about how tired I was, how hard it was to breathe, and that I wanted to stop and rest. It was at that moment I had a visual adrenaline boost and was able to keep the faster pace and also have an awesome sprint at the end!

Most of us have at one time or another had this happen to us. Whether you were in your first grade school play, your sixth grade band recital, your high school sporting event, or your first 5k run; life has handed us one of these moments. A moment where one person (or group of people) visually inspires us to finish whatever it is we started. It acts as a reminder that we are stronger than we even know, and for that very reason we refuse to accept anything other than success. To those who have yet to experience this, I honestly hope that your life will grant you one, and for those of you who have I wish you many more.

Motivation: The reminder that failure is unacceptable

  1. Mother Beanpie (USA) says:

    Inspiring story. Keep it up you two. Love MOM

  2. Alex says:

    Having those who love you cheer you on is the best motivation around! You’ve got an amazing wife!

    • She is definitely that! I worked legs yesterday and was not feeling it towards the end. Since I am constantly extending my run…it’s like every time I’m out I’m on my longest run!

  3. oceannah says:

    Social support is fantastic. Our loved ones see us so much more clearly than we see ourselves….and they KNOW we are capable of way more than we often give ourselves credit for. Well done on both accounts 🙂

  4. bgddyjim says:

    Kid “low fives” are my favorite part of the Crim! Too true indeed.

  5. delpercente says:

    “Motivation: The reminder that failure is unacceptable,” how very true this statement is! Just came in from a run that I extended by one block and still finished in the same amount of time of one less block. My body is becomining very familiar with jogging which is great, can’t wait until I’m able to say, “I ran 5 miles today!”

    • I know that feeling. I increase my run by 1 block every week. I am 6 weeks into it and it is getting tougher but I am determined to keep it up…..and so are you! Thanks for the reblog!

  6. delpercente says:

    Reblogged this on From the mind of Del… and commented:
    Really love this blog, I have to reblog this!

  7. vgrandja says:

    Hi! What do you mean when you said that your lungs were on fire? Did it hurt?

  8. T Hollis says:

    We all need encouragement and when it comes from a significant other it is the most powerful!

    • It really is and at the time I don’t think they are aware of the support that they are giving. My wife was surprised because I didn’t say anything at the time (due to some very heavy breathing). So when I told her she was all smiles.

  9. What a great motivation! We definitely all need that familiar face in the crowd at some point.

  10. So true! I had a similar burst when I saw the finish line after my first 5k and knew that I had to finish. Thank you for the post! (c:

  11. It is one thing to say you support someone and another to actually carry out specific actions to prove it. Must feel awesome to have someone like your wife on your team. Hope you support her goals in a similar fashion. The story is actually very touching, thank you.

  12. Wow awesome post. Kind of like a movie in slow motion when two lovers are running into each others arms, LOL!

  13. Scrooples says:

    beautiful! i’ll be using this as inspiration in my morning run

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