My Journey Through Fitness: Titika Activewear

Posted: April 27, 2012 in Uncategorized

 Inspired By Life

Eileen and Courtney (on right)

Today we at Socially Fit are excited to introduce you to Eileen and Courtney, the beautiful faces behind Titika active wear in Toronto. While studying fashion at George Brown they noticed a lack of fashionable active wear on the market and made it their mission to design and create active wear that accentuates women’s natural curves as it provides comfort, function, quality and most importantly, style!

Growing up I (Courtney) was heavily involved in sports and fitness competitively such as Basketball, swimming and Triathlons. Now a days I have a new found love with Yoga and Zumba and also try to participate in our stores free classes whenever possible:)  I’m so proud of Eileen as well, she has recently been working out for the first time in her life, with a personal trainer, one of our advocates Atif, and she has stayed with it for the last few months! 

 I think at the beginning we were not totally sure what was going to happen or what to expect.  We started out with about 15 pieces to test out the market and see what the feedback was.  We got a pretty good response and a lot of feedback from people trying out the clothes, and slowly started adding more pieces based on the feedback we received. I think as we evolved our styles changed in the sense that we learned what people were looking for and tried to offer something that was different from what was already out there.  I think today we are really aware of what works for us–Offering key Titika basics but also the “fast fashion” approach where we have many new lines that correspond with trends in the industry, with an athletic twist, per season to keep people excited!

Every detail counts

The name Titika came from Eileen’s son William who was about 3 at the time!  He was singing and dancing saying  Ti- ti- ka, ti- ti- ka and Eileen thought it was the perfect name!  Fun, free, inspiration from her son. The idea around athletic clothing came from doing a lot of projects on many different companies throughout the school years.  We noticed there wasn’t much fashionable active wear out there and that most athletic lines were all similar in style and fit.  Since fitness attire has become as popular as “every day wear” and not only worn in the gym, we thought why not take it to another level offering both Function and style is our designs.
Our long term goals are to have a brand that people know and love, and inspire them to lead a healthy active lifestyle.  Also to hopefully open more stores in Malls and eventually in other countries would be great!  Right now we currently have 3 locations and are actively looking to expand:)  Our dreams for Titika are to be able to survive, thrive and flourish in such a cut throat industry, to be able to offer people an alternative to the basic work out attire out there, and to inspire others in knowing that with hard work, dedication and a love for what you do you can make your dreams a reality:)  It feels so good when we see people wearing our clothes on the street, or when a customer leaves one of our stores feeling sexy and ready to go get fit because they feel confident and comfortable in their new Titika outfit,  so in terms of what it would feel like to see all of our dreams come true…  I can’t even imagine how incredibly rewarding that would be for the whole Titika team!

Titika retail - Come experience the luxury

We offer some great key basics which are items that over time people are always drawn to and Love. And then we offer different lines each season that are “get em while they last” type lines that we make especially for that season. We use some pretty amazing athletic fabrics that have wicking, quick dry, anti-stink, breathable properties, and more recently have got in some pretty cool waterproof, soil proof cotton fleece fabrics that are so comfortable and functional at the same time!  We take pride in offering Quality garments that are built to last and last!  The supplex fabric we use is especially durable and  personally  have actually had some items from our very first line over 3 years ago that I still wear and they look great! The design process is pretty exciting; it’s so rewarding to see an idea come to life.  It starts out with a sketch,  a sample is then made, and once we get samples in we tweak and add to make it as perfect as we can, then once approved we choose the specific fabric and color for that style.  We get a lot of feedback through our members of our Research and Rewards program – where we offer 30% off to trainers/yoga instructors/dance teachers etc. for their feedback on the clothing, the fit, fabrics etc. – this helps us to evolve with our designs/fit and functions as well!  People can sign up for this program on our website if they are interested as well! 

Titika active wear

On our social media pages we really just like having fun with it and interacting with our customers!  We offer monthly contests and prizes to keep things exciting and currently have a “picture perfect contest” where people can send in pics of them wearing Titika to win prizes!  All in good fun:)

We really believe in community involvement and participate in many events and fundraisers such as Kick box for the cure, breast cancer awareness month with Gilda’s club, many Red Cross initiatives and many smaller community charity events and fundraisers as well!  We also offer free fitness classes at all of our store locations as well!!

 Come check us out we would love to meet you!

 2012 Queen St East // Shops at Don Mills // 257 Lakeshore Rd East // as well as Sporting Life, Yoga Sanctuary and other small sporty boutiques in and around the city! We’re hosting an amazing VIP event this Saturday at our Oakville location from 10am – 3pm – 30% off and first 10 people there will get a $25 gift certificate that can be used that day only!!

 Thank you for taking to time to read our story, we’re also available online at and remember if you dare to dream, everything is possible!


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    Thanks for this! I’m always in the market for comfortable running gear, that will allow me to breath while I’m jogging especially thrrough changing seasons.

  2. Oo-I’m going to go spend some time digging around on your website for sure (c:

    • Courtney says:

      Have fun!! We have a lot more new styles that will be posted on the website next week as well:)) Stay tuned and thanks for the support!!!

  3. Hi there congratulations with your blog! Thanks a million for liking my post, really greatly appreciated!!!

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