The Loud Sound Of Regret

When working out becomes a staple in your everyday routine, it becomes less of a chore and more of a necessity for life. This begins to creep into your subconscious and before you know it your good friend Mr./Mrs. Conscience haunts you for having missed your daily exercise routine. Next thing you know you’re craving a workout, or some form of energy release. Last night I was knee-deep into a video game (yes, I’m an avid gamer) and tossed my evening workout to the side. It was fine until about 8 o’clock. Then suddenly I’m receiving all of these messages from my brain constantly letting me know how disappointed my body was for missing the workout.

This morning I felt like crap!

I missed a workout last night and now I feel like I’ve set myself back. I have tried to justify it in my head but none of it is working. No do over! I can not go back in time, I can however ensure that this does not happen again. When it comes to “workout guilt”, how exactly do you deal with it? Do you cave in under the pressure and try to squeeze a workout in, or are you able to shut your conscience up?


  1. commeunefolle says:

    I totally get what you’re saying here but, for me, guilt over something like this is not helpful. You have gained something from this – next time you feel like skipping a workout you can think ‘remember that time that I skipped it and I felt like crap the next day – better go do it!’. Try focusing on the fact that you’ve given yourself a weapon against the lazies and don’t beat yourself up too much!

  2. T Hollis says:

    Sometimes our bodies & our minds need a bit of a break. To miss a workout is not something that should send us into a tailspin with Guilt beating us up mentally & emotionally. Tell the Guilt to go away, drink plenty of water & hit it hard tomorrow!

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  4. PathBackFit says:

    I squeeze a workout in. I once got up in the middle of the night to do some squats and lunges when I realized I had forgotten to go for my evening walk due to other matters. I didn’t feel guilty about it but I didn’t feel balanced, so I had to get up and remedy that.

  5. Green Thumb Mama says:

    Well, since I’m also a mother and I keep a home, things do come up that cause me to miss a work out. I just remind myself that I’m human and this is life. Life gets in the way. I agree with the commenter T Hollis when she says “To miss a workout is not something that should send us into a tailspin with Guilt beating us up mentally & emotionally.” You just move on to another day and do your best. 🙂

  6. elisariva says:

    The more a part of you it becomes, the more you don’t sacrifice the workout. I used to fit workouts into my schedule, now I schedule around my workouts. Make the game the reward for working out, not the excuse to skip it.

  7. bgddyjim says:

    I don’t do guilt, haven’t in years, but I do hate missing a workout – even to a thunderstorm or my wife planning something where my ride should have gone. It is what it is and sometimes life gets in the way. I just do my best to make what I’ve got work, remembering that two years ago I was only running twice a week and I was perfectly happy.

  8. Jasmine Pahl says:

    Unfortunately, my conscience shuts up too quickly and I find myself just feeling crummy and having to go through the whole process all over again of having to figure out why. Then it only takes a few days to get back on the healthy living superhighway.
    But when I really am on my game and being consistent it helps to remember that even a small gift to myself of time to exercise is better than nothing and enough to keep me connected to my true goals.

  9. Julianna says:

    How do you guys keep knowing exactly what I need to hear? Well done, yet again! (And pretty cool – thanks for being a part of my process…I’m SO not a blog person, and yet somehow this site keeps creeping back into my life in beautiful ways.) I say all this to remind you that the ripples of your work are indeed lifting up those around you…

  10. Yeah, I totally hear you on this one. I am always running around doing something or other and so it’s easy for me to skip a workout or, worse, my yoga class, which is both a workout and a time for myself to unwind and reconnect. Inevitably I will feel like crap, be totally antsy, unfocused and generally unproductive until I go and get my fix. As far as the guilt factor, I try to remind myself that other things in my life are important and that I can’t always do it all. Living by unreal expectations and getting caught up in the moments when I fail is worse than missing that workout. I promise to be more conscious of my time the next time around I try not to miss a workout for the same “reason”…i.e. if I scheduled too many meetings in a day I try to be aware of how I schedule my time next time around so I can allow for “me time” too.

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