Can’t Make It To The Gym

Well that’s no excuse not to get a work out in. Give this routine a try, feel free to rest a couple of seconds between each exercise, but the idea is to move swiftly from one to the other.

You’ll find that it increases your heart rate, and works your full body. Feel free to increase the intensity by doing more reps, or adding time to the wall sit, but I found it to be a great workout as is. The only thing required is a little floor and wall space, and you’re good to go!!

TRAIN DIRTY and Happy Mother’s Day!!

No excuses!

Your friends at “Socially Fit”

  1. Katie says:

    Great idea for a home workout, thanks! I combined my workout with a Mothers’ Day present: yard work. If I do it quickly, it will be aerobic weight lifting 🙂

  2. delpercente says:

    Reblogged this on From the mind of Del… and commented:
    Keeping fit on Mother’s Day!

  3. Miss Busa says:

    Perfect for when you’re stuck somewhere and don’t have any access to your regular routine, like when traveling.

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