The Plateau

For those of you who are unaware, I (Shaun of Socially Fit) am quite the “nerd”. I play tons of video games, watch anime, and enjoy my share of sci-fi. I hope that explains the title a little. We have all heard the term “plateau”. In the corporate world we call it “the glass ceiling” and runners know it as “the wall”. In any case it means that we have gone as far as we can possibly go and have no hopes of going any further. For all intensive purposes, that is the thinking of a quitter. We are taught as children that we can do anything but with wisdom as we age, we come to realize some things can not be attained. We ultimately put a roadblock on our lives.

The plateau is one of those “truths” that we have all come to accept. But have we ever truly hit our plateau? Has anyone who lifts weights ever come to the point where you can not possibly add one more pound? Has a runner ever come to a point where they can not run or crawl ten more feet? Has any one come to a point where they constantly get to a certain number of push ups and can not even do one half more? I don’t believe any of us have actually hit a plateau. We have come to a point where our growth has slowed more than we would like and it makes it almost moot to continue with an exercise. When in reality if we trained for a month or two, and kept adding the tiniest amount of weight over time we would see that there indeed was never a plateau.

Back to the title of this post, “There is no spoon”. In the movie The Matrix there is a scene where Neo is talking to a child who appears to be bending a spoon. The child then goes on to tell Neo, “Do not try and bend the spoon, that’s impossible. Instead try to realize the truth, there is no spoon”.

We should also do the same. We should realize that there is no plateau, wall or glass ceiling. Our growth potential may slow down, but it never stops.

Train constantly, grow constantly.


  1. joranvar says:

    Now there’s two reasons why I would like this post, but only one Like-button 🙂

  2. I think you have a point. The only true limitations holding us back are the ones we create in our mind.

  3. Miss Busa says:

    Never quit. Reality is what we make it.

  4. vgrandja says:

    I see you haven’t mentioned anything about brisk walking. Well, thanks. You probably could tell that for now I’m going at a pace that’s comfy for me and little by little making changes to my diet.

  5. graceyb says:

    Well put and very, very motivating!

  6. Skills says:

    I just loved the two Sci-Fi references in one day. As soon as I saw the title of this post in my e-mail, I recognized the reference. The Matrix is my all-time favorite movie. Great post!

  7. vgrandja says:

    About plateaus…I can see how limitations are self-imposed by adults and children.

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