NeuroFit Life Systems

It is with great pleasure that we introduce you to Ken Sylvan. He’s 36 years old; a proud father and husband; co-owner and CEO of NeuroFit Life Systems; and quite literally, a well oiled machine.

Fitness has been a part of my life, since I was born.  I have my parents to thank for that.  Once I hit 3 years old, structured classes started. Power skating, soccer, gymnastics and swimming.  At school my favourite sport was track and field.  I excelled at all sports.  But there was one that I had fear in briefly.  Swimming and the deep end of the pool.  It was hard to go to lessons weekly with that fear.  But having a skilled older brother, and watching him, gave me the courage to move past that fear. 

As I got older, martial arts was included in that list.  Sometimes I remember thinking, I would just like to do nothing sometimes. But I know it kept my body healthy and me out of mischief. I played sports all through high school, but focused mostly on weight lifting and powerlifting in university. 

I got into the fitness industry by mistake. My Degree earned at U of  T is Specialist in Neurosciences Bsc. After university, I was accepted into chiropractor college in Chicago.  Due to its private nature, and $220 000 tuition fee, I worked to earn as much as possible.  The gym I was working out at, changed owners.  The health centre manager asked me if I wanted to be a trainer. I said, “No thanks”, at first.  But later agreed. After 2 years I was promoted into management (and stayed for 12 years).  It was then I realized how much I loved the fitness industry. As well I saw how it could be a successful and fulfilling career.  The biggest problem with the fitness industry is how extremely small it really is.  As well as some lack of understanding and respect for it.  Which seems to be changing though.

My desire to lift weights came from my dad.  My dad is 67 and looks like 50.  As a child, I would always watch my dad flexing in the mirror in awe.  Whenever we were at events where all dads were present, my dad stood out.  Not only did he look like my own personal version of the Incredible Hulk, he was also faster, stronger and more agile than my friend’s dads.  I never forgot that. I vowed that when I became a man, I would look just like him. 

I have been fortunate to train with many intelligent people over the years.  So I have learned to periodize my training throughout the year.  So it changes every 6 weeks.  However, right now, I am doing GH style Jungle Training.  3 days on, 1 day off, 3 days on. Grouping chest with legs, hamstrings with back, and shoulders with arms.  Calves and abs are alternated each day.  My cardio is martial arts, plyo intervals or sprinting.  I also do an hour of mental training and energy work each day.  30 minutes in the morning, called Falun Gong exercises.  This is to bring energy up and heal the mind while raising consciousness and awareness.  30 minutes at night with journaling to quiet the mind and enter a parasympathetic sleep state properly. Ever wonder why a Shaolin Monk can do a handstand on one finger, or sit in freezing water and not feel pain? Yes, it’s his body, but the action is fueled by his mind.

Nutrition is a big part of my life and always has been.  Certain foods will affect certain hormones and produce a desired change.  For example. Bitter melon, either Chinese or Indian is used with people who have insulin regulation issues, cravings or love handles they want to remove.  It is a vegetable and yes it’s bitter.  But I have been eating it since I was 4 years old, so I am quite used to it.

Fitness competitors,  fighters, athletes or clients eating and training at a high level, sometimes begin to have cravings.  When their meal plan gets very rigid and their physical output is high.  We can only feed someone so much protein. This vegetable regulates insulin, lowers cravings and leans out the waist and upper back  ( both are insulin sites).

Over the years I have managed to maintain a fairly high fitness level.  Many people said a wife and children would be the downfall of my fitness level.  I have 3 children and with every change, my fitness improved.  My children, my wife and I all eat the same.  Gluten free,wheat free, allergen preservative free.  We juice daily and the children are a part of that routine.   There are only a certain number of hours in the day.  I chose to get up earlier in the morning to start my day, so when the kids wake up, I can support their fitness lifestyle.  I make sure my fitness goals don’t fall by the way side.  However I do not let them over shadow my children’s.  I help them with their Falun gong or Qi gong movements, as well as their prayers and exercises.  My wife is a fire fighter and ex fitness champion.  So we work together and support health and fitness in our home. 

Sometimes workouts don’t happen.  I refuse to go to the gym in the evening when the children are home.  I may workout in the basement and they will come down with me and train or watch. Usually I will train early.  This helps their fitness movie of life.

I love to cook.  Some people find cooking  tedious.  But cooking and preparation is not too hard.  Since we all eat the same, it’s actually easy. I grew up watching my parents cook all the time, so it’s part of my fitness movie of life.

NeuroFit Life Systems is a business I started with Bharat Oza.  It evolved from my first business NeuroFit Training Systems.  I realized that some clients had great trainers and nutritionists and still did not change.  Other things got in the way.  Life, got in the way.  Things that no one was training them on.  We bring the three together.  We specialize in mental, physical conditioning and nutrition for athletes,competitors and fighters. It is based on the systems I have developed and learned throughout life to get me in the condition that I am in. It is a Life System.  It doesn`t matter how good a meal plan is.  If you do not enjoy your food, or can’t plan when to prepare it.  It won’t work.  Your training program must be intense and specific enough to your goal to make a change.  Not everyone can train on the same program. 

Getting clients results is my number one role in the company.  I am also responsible for setting up contracts with new business and athletes, getting the name of NeuroFit out there and any large scale program development ( ie. Jungle Training bootcamps, Elev8 Me Retreats, neuroNutrition programs and seminars and Life Systems coaching.)

Our programs do not only focus on the physical. But the mental as well.  They are specific to YOU! Our system is about getting there and finding what you need to get you there.  When is the last time someone explained why your insulin levels are keeping your obliques from looking just the way you want.  That your type of makeup is what’s keeping way too much junk in that trunk of yours.  Or simple things to do before bed so you can sleep peacefully leading up to that fight, or competition.  That’s why working with NeuroFit Life Systems is a must.  It’s, “Training for LIFE!”

Many people ask, what do you like to do more, nutrition, mental conditioning, or training.  I would respond with a question.  Define condition?  1. Have a significant influence on or determine( the manner or outcome of something)  2.  Train or accustom( something or someone) to behave in a certain way or to accept certain circumstances.

You need all 3 parts to truly be conditioned.  A well trained athlete will fail without that mental strength.  A mentally tough fighter who is not fueled properly will run out of gas and lose.  A physique model who doesn’t train their calves properly will never be called complete.

Check out our website to see how we approach these three parts of being conditioned.

Remember, if you plan, you will be prepared. Then you can’t help but progress…

  1. vgrandja says:

    You started when you were three years old? That’s really young! I can’t imagine anyone that age with the ability to train in physical fitness or sports.

    • ken says:

      All of my children started swimming at 9 months and gymnastics classes when they could barely walk it primes the nervous system

      • vgrandja says:

        That’s amazing. I didn’t think children/babies at that age are developed so much so that they can do these things. Interesting! Especially…that it primes the nervous system. Not sure what you mean by that, though. Do you have some time to talk about it? Thank you.

      • ken says:

        I can send you a great book which explains a lot of the research!

      • ken says:

        There is a specific time when a childs neurons and motor units are fresh and awaiting information. Giving them right stimuli before the age of 4 is key for math, language and motor function for life.

  2. Dr. Adonis Makris says:

    One of the most beautiful and gifted soul one will ever come across . Ken will only continue to heal many more through his passion and style of being .

    • ken says:

      Thank you for that comment. You being someone that has and still does teach me so much about what it means to be human.
      A true teacher and kind soul

  3. Anthony Daisy says:

    Great read ken. All the best in your company’s ventures- Sounds like you guys have a great system. Let’s talk again soon. Anthony Daisy

    • ken says:

      Thanks Anthony! Its good hearing from you
      You should do one of these for sure! I would love to read about your journey

  4. kareenlai says:

    Hi ken, that was truly an inspirational read! Sometimes, in our bid to achieve our objectives, we get lost and lose focus. Your story has been an inspiration to get me back on track! I would love for you to share the book on priming the kids’ nervous system! Would you?

  5. Jeff Macmillan says:

    Ken u know me from extreme cederbrae/Pickering I’m doing a show in April and would like to go over a few things with u.

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