We follow Matt on twitter, here he shares with us the benefits of Spinach, the super food.
You’ll find that he’s a wealth of information. Have an amazing day! 

Your friends at “Socially Fit”

Matt Toronto - Happy Lifting!

Hello and welcome back to another beautiful day in the land of muscle discussion and building strategies, fat loss and nutrition. I hope you are enjoying the increased quality that has been produced here of late thanks to the additions of both Mrs Toronto heading up the recipe department, and Carlos Toronto taking over the research department. It’s such a thrill for me personally to have this site take another step up, and another step ahead thanks to their contributions.

Today of course is devoted to the exploration of Super Foods. Much like the quality has increased here due to quality ingredients having been added to the original recipe, Super Foods can have precisely the same impact on your quality of life. Not to mention the quality of your training as well as the results of said training will benefit greatly from the boost every cell in your…

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