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My journey to health and fitness is a long one. As a child I grew up eating whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted. My parents are Jamaican so in my house we ate very well and there was never really a demand for healthy eating. We would usually have large amounts of food pretty much every meal of the day. End result of that was me being 210lbs by the age of 12. I was always teased, “fat boy” seemed to be a staple for what people would call me. So I turned into a bully so that people wouldn’t say much to me about my size. Even though I was big, I was very active and agile for my size. It usually shocked people how this “fat boy” would finish 1st in track and field events or win athlete of the year annually in elementary school.

High school came and I slimmed to about 190lbs because I was very serious about playing basketball. It was my passion and I didn’t want to have a crutch. Due to lack of knowledge and a bad foundation my eating habits were terrible! If I knew then what I know now, it would’ve been scary how good I would’ve been. Even with being a bit heavier than most I was still a very good player. When I went to college it was the same thing, still heavy, and I didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life. My girlfriend at the time was pregnant and basketball didn’t take me down the path I had expected it to. I ended up playing a couple of years in college but my weight was ALWAYS in question, so I pretty much stopped playing basketball. This is where it all went down hill for a bit. I started drinking and partying. I was also eating terrible foods very late and going to sleep. Before I knew it I was up to 260lbs.

The transformation

Basketball continued to be my passion so I decided to stay involved with the game through coaching and skill development. Growing up I’d always be the one at the park running workouts for my friends or kids in my area so I had a passion for training. The problem was I’d train and then eat McDonald’s. In late 2007, I decided start a business involving basketball skill development because I was very good at that. I knew a bit about physical development so I used what I knew and started training ball players all over the city. My reputation started to build once I started working with a few PRO basketball players and their friends, mainly Jevohn Sheppard and Jermaine Anderson from our Canadian National team.

At this point my business didn’t have a name and I asked myself a very crucial question “how am I training people and I’m out of shape?!” I wanted to have the ability to get people into shape as well as developing their skill as basketball players. Around this time my daughter’s mother and I broke up so I found myself with more time, but also a new focus. I wanted more for my daughter and I didn’t want to be the out of shape Daddy. I wanted to be more knowledgeable about the fitness world so I enrolled into Durham College’s health and fitness promotions program. I started doing two a day workouts. I also decided that I wanted to play basketball again for my last year of college. I changed my eating habits completely; no fast food, no juice, and no sweets. I would lift in the morning before class, play basketball on my break and then do cardio again in the evening. As I did all of this I was still running my business and doing my school work. While doing all these things I found time to study and get my personal trainers certification through CPTN.

Cedric Carter – CEO Galaxy Training

It was the most focused I’ve ever been in my life. It was not only a physical transformation, but a mental one as well. I wanted to change the way my life was going and I felt like I had to be happy with myself before I could do that. Nine and a half months after I put my mind to it; I lost 60lbs, cut my body fat % from 33% to 14% and I made my college team. We made it to Nationals while having one of the top teams in the east division of the OCAA. It was the best I’ve ever felt in my life and the rest is history.

My business in 2009 was registered as Galaxy Training for Athletes and it is known as one of the top training programs in the country. I currently work with a lot of professional, college and high school basketball players. I don’t just work with athletes, I do body development for the average person trying to stay fit as well. I go around to schools and share my story to hopefully inspire children who go through the same struggles I went through. I appreciate anyone who will listen and anyone that I can inspire. 

You can contact me directly on FB: Galaxy Training for Athletes or e-mail me at My website is under construction so look out for that in a few months.

Thanks to Socially Fit for allowing me to share my story.

Cedric Carter

  1. Noel Brown says:

    I always wondered why you were so mad as we got older. I’m sorry we didn’t stay closer growing up cause inside we essentially burn the same way. Passion for sports and naturally athletically gifted. I’ve always believed our family genes are special and seeing where you are today from where you were is proof positive of this. I hope you continue to inspire and transform the lives of the people that God allows you to touch. I’m very proud of you, and specifically looked you up to share your story with others and found this. Much love cuz, always.

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