Intellectual Bliss

My childhood was typical in that it was full of ups and downs; family of all sorts (traditional, non-traditional, blended, etc.), it basically took the village as they say. My father played sports all throughout his school years but I wouldn’t become aware of this until much later in my adulthood. I was still drawn to sports myself, the only of my three siblings, at a rather early age. Middle school found me in swimming, basketball, and football and I continued to play the latter two in High School.  Fitness and well-being as concepts were impressed upon throughout all of these formative years through P.E. teachers and coaches as I participated in respective sports.

I wouldn’t say I was always passionate about fitness, but I’ve always had an awareness of it. The catalyst for me to become more passionate about fitness was the birth of my son. Longevity and good health became a priority with my desire to see his every step in life. Fitness has changed my life in a physical way by providing more tangible energy to attack daily tasks.  Mentally it has given me much intangible energy and an insatiable drive to be better; better at any and everything I attempt. Spiritually fitness has actually brought me closer to God. It may be some time before I ascribe to a raw or even vegan diet, but I feel cleansed and more natural when fitness is at the forefront of my life. I feel like my body’s operating the way God intended and created it to.

My hope is to one day have a large and healthy family. I want to be the best father to my 3-year old son, husband, and artist that I can be. I’ll definitely need stamina and energy to be amazing at all of those! I won’t deny that there are cosmetic reasons as well. When you look good, you feel good and vice versa. I’m driven, all in all, to be better, to exceed myself and my maximum potential. My current interests include anything musical and local. I emphasize local because I love being engaged and participating in live music and artistic events. My current projects include several ventures but most notably my first studio album as a recording artist: Intellectual Bliss. It’s a 12 record project that chronicles my first year attempting to merge my art from a hobby. I’m passionate about doing something that I really enjoy as a full-time profession.  I am also a High School Math Teacher and Boy’s Basketball Coach.

My support system is really my best friend Jazzmin Brown.  I’ve become sort of a one-man army and I bounce ideas and motivations off of her to gain perspective and balance in my journey. I have family who support me and other good friends as well, but the main force has been Jazzmin Brown (Healthcare Professional and Trainer in Tampa, FL). I know she’s always excited to hear of the strides that I’ve made in my efforts to train and build a better me. The thing I love the most is that there’s never any pressure from her and I know for certain that she’s genuinely concerned about me. I can’t go without mentioning my musical and overall life support that I have in my band/group that I work with musically and in other entertainment ventures: The Black Chain Gang also known as the BCG (Jacksonville, FL).

Time management has been the hardest obstacle for me. I’d have to say that and nutrition. Finding a consistent time frame to build a regimen has been challenging with teaching, performing, recording, and coaching. When it comes to nutrition, it’s similar. Finding time to get the right kind of foods has become somewhat of a challenge. I’ve also constantly been fighting the impulse to just pick up and move to some big city like New York or Los Angeles and expose a bigger market to my talent and resources. My accomplishments fitness-wise have been limited and for what they may lack in commercial magnitude they certainly make up for in personal magnitude. I’ve increased reps in my upper body regimens and consistently increased the amount of weight I’ve been working with overall in my weekly regimens. I do my best to reward myself when accomplishing small victories. That way the large victories and accolades can be handled with class and humility.

My current workout routine is split in two: work and home. My work routine includes upper body shoulders, back and chest on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays and lower body on Tuesdays and Thursdays with abdominal and core work daily. My home routine is typically make-shift with some dumb bells I purchased last year. I basically revolve my home routine around variations of the shoulder press, butterflies, lunges, abdominal and core work as often as I can.

On an average day I try to include a lot of poultry and vegetables in my diet. I call my best friend Jazzmin (trainer in Tampa) to steal dishes and meal plans from her, but I’ve never quite managed to keep up with it. I’ve found myself taking in several small meals throughout the day with an occasional energy bar throughout my school day.

I’d really just like to go four full months with a consistent and committed workout and nutrition regimen. I’m at a comfortable and content weight that fluctuates from 200 to 205 lbs at a height of 6’2 but I’d like to observe and document the growth I experience after a consistent and timely workout regimen.

The life you dream of is waiting for you. Define fitness responsibly and rationally for yourself. Set achievable, yet exciting goals and reach for them with your all. At the end of the day, you have to be in love with you…and be the BEST you that you can be. If you’ve never seen yourself at your best, you can’t say you’ve ever really lived. LIVE.

My pseudonym as a recording artist is Jasonplusone. The –plusone was initially added because of my son, but I always extend that suffix to anyone I meet. Your “plusone” is any one (person, place, idea, whatever) that you live for, that you strive to make proud. Your “plusone” is your driving force! Your “plusone” is the one person you NEVER want to disappoint or let down. Your “plusone” is the one you want to smile with at the top of the “mountain” and enjoy your success with.

“Know your plusone, love your plusone, and remember that God is the most important plusone of all!”


Twitter: @Jasonplusone, Facebook: Jason Perry (Jasonplusone), Reverbnation: Jasonplusone, and Gmail:

  1. What a fresh voice! Loved this post and will carry the “plusone” idea into my life. Very cool.

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