Jordan’s Story

Meet Jordan, he is 8 years old and a shining example of how unpredictable life can be. Jordan’s story began when he started having headaches. His family knew it was serious when he pulled himself out of a hockey game. Jordan is a true Calgarian, Hockey player and fan. He thinks about hockey 24 hours a day, and for him to pull himself from a game they knew it was serious.

In the weeks following he underwent exhaustive testing, cat scans and MRI’s, Jordan was diagnosed with a Brainstem Glioma (tumor) inside the pons section of his brain and it was spreading, quickly. This tumor was inoperable because of its location so he underwent 33 radiation treatments. His regression was fast, losing mobility, and eventually he was confined to a wheel chair. Even after all of this he still talked about playing hockey, rollerblading with his uncle Scottie and walking his dog.

This month his family moved everything into the Ronald McDonald house in NYC to take part in a trial procedure that was their only hope. Jordan was a pioneer in pediatric cancer research. Only 12 to 18 children will be accepted into the trial, the goal is to make it standard therapy for this type of cancer. The trial will bring renewed hope to a cancer that is 30 years behind in its medical research because it is so rare. The therapy has the potential to create a whole new paradigm in brain tumor treatment.

Jordan was brave in wanting to help the doctors find a cure for his cancer. The procedure proved to be safe and the research will be what’s valuable. However, in the end the tumor was spreading at an alarming rate. Jordan didn’t win this fight. At 8:45am Monday August 20, 2012, Jordan passed away in the arms of his mother and father. Life truly is unpredictable so wake up everyday and celebrate your life. It is about living.

Rest sweet Jordan.

As told by his Uncle David Good. Today is all that we have, live it to the fullest.

  1. MattToronto says:

    That is a seriously sad story. It helps to raise awareness, so it is good of you to tell it. My thoughts are with his family.

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