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I have two sons. A five-year old and a one-year old. I’m fiercely protective of them so I never use their names. I’m their Poppa first, and their protector second. They are a big part of why I decided to start They motivate me to show them the importance of health, and the value of a physically strong body. I’ve always had an interest in nutrition and what our body can do, but five years ago when my first son was born it became a full-time thing. The site is a reflection of that.

I was active in sports as a kid, but I wasn’t a great athlete. I’d say a good one, but there were always kids that were bigger, stronger or faster than I was. I developed physically pretty late in that respect. I honestly don’t think I finished filling out until my mid 20’s. I was always pretty skinny. I lifted a little in high school, but not seriously. I was more of a party guy to be honest up until my first son was born!

I was always very interested in learning about fitness. Even when I hadn’t started training with weights at all I understood more than many do that have lifted for years. Nutrition and the body have always been something that I learn about every day of my life. Always have. I used to drive people crazy I bet. I’d know what was in what they were eating, and what their body was doing at a young age. It’s a weird obsession I guess.

I’ve lived a pretty colorful life. Extremely actually. I’m not going into detail, but you can read into that, and you’ll probably be close. Training has replaced the rush that living a certain lifestyle used to provide. The power you feel playing in a band on a stage is something you have to experience to believe. Especially the bigger venues. The monitoring that you get up there, the kick drum almost knocks you over. It’s unreal. Training has become that for me. Sharing what I know about it has become very fulfilling as well. I love the interaction with those that are also passionate.

I aim to live a very long time for my kids. I aim to be very ready for any situation that may arise where I need to be physically on my game on a seconds notice for my kids. I live for my kids. My partner Amy, and my kids are my whole world. They are the greatest motivation I could ever need. I think my fitness life is something they are used to. It’s all my kids have ever known. I’m sure I drive them nuts with it too! My kids don’t get spanked-they do push-ups. Really. 

Self doubt, and fear are the obstacles that we as human beings must all overcome. My fondest memories of fitness are just beginning! I am meeting incredible people throughout this journey so far-you know who you are! I aim to be around a long while. I have a very long plan already mapped and I’m staying the course. I’m up at five am, 7 days a week, to train. That may be outdoors, that may be in the gym. I train as hard as my body lets me. Sometimes I go ballistic, sometimes I coast.  I do a lot of circuit training, sprints, and core. I did a 10 minute plank today. That’s common. My meal plan changes quite often. I’m very big on whey concentrate, water, peanut butter, and molasses. That’s the ‘meal’ that I eat usually three times a day. The food part of my diet changes. Sometimes no carbs, sometimes a lot. I’m a feast or famine guy. Carbs are a supplement to me. Load up and grow, cut back and get lean. 

 My goals are to take as far as I can. I want to have it be sustainable in the near future. There’s a plan, and I follow it. Amy-@MrsToronto1 does everything to do with the site. She is constantly working on it. We’re getting ready to do something with it soon, so it’s a constant job for her. Carlos Flores has done an amazing job with researching various articles, and has really started to develop as a writer himself. Lately some of the posts have been entirely written by him. He has a bright future ahead of him. Andrew Young is someone who has been working with me since day one in a few different capacities. He really got my writing abilities up to speed very quickly. We’re working on a few other things now that will be surfacing sooner or later. Video is in development now also. I’m a bit of a perfectionist so until it’s where I know it can be, it will continue to be a work in progress.

My motto is ‘love the training, enjoy the results’. I think that says it all. You need to find a reason to love anything you’re going to make part of your life. If it’s a chore, you won’t last long.  There is no excuse not to take care of yourself-ever. We all are worth it, so get up, get going, and go get what’s yours!

Thanks for reading.

Matt,, @MattToronto1, these are the places I’m connected to 24/7/365.

  1. MattToronto says:

    Thank You so much for inviting me into your world. It’s not first nature for me to talk about myself, and I’m glad you were the person to do the first interview. You have a great site, and a great future ahead of yourself. Keep it up! Toronto1LOVE

  2. Dear Matt, your boys are precious and it always warms my heart to know that little children have daddies like you to protect and inspire them! Many warm wishes and all the best for all your future endeavours. Sharon

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