Body By Chosen XP

Body by Chosen - Sean Maingot

Body by Chosen – Sean Maingot

I’d like to think of myself as a hardworking, dedicated individual. I’m interested in family, health and anything POSITIVE. Right now I’m actually working on a couple of events health related, can’t specify exactly what at the moment, have to keep it a surprise, but just know that big things are going to happen.

Growing up I was all about sports. It started with baseball , then basketball. Basketball was basically my life. I would play every recess, get home off the bus, drop my bag and head straight to a court to play with my friends. That cycle would repeat basically every day. I wasn’t aware that what I was doing was actually good for me. I just loved to do it so much that being active was natural. I remember I used to think I had the biggest muscles(lol), I was definitely in denial. What makes it even worse were those times when really baggy clothes were in style. Now I know why my mother would curse me out when I dressed.

I’ve always been in “good shape” because of my participation in sports but I was never health conscious, which is two completely different things. Not that I took my health for granted, I was just one of those people who thought nothing bad would ever happen to them. That all changed in June of 2008 when I was diagnosed with lymphoma which is cancer of the blood. I had a tumor in the middle of my chest. The doctor described it as being the size of a softball. Just like that no warning, no nothing. One day I was training preparing for my next basketball season and the next thing I knew I was laying in a hospital bed receiving chemo therapy.

It was a long process but with faith and a positive mindset I’m still here; and that’s when my passion to be healthy and help others live a healthier lifestyle began. Now I’m a personal trainer and my mission is to help people be more aware of just how important their health is. “Health Is Wealth”. Teamed up with Dwayne Delves the Founder of Body By Chosen, we now have 7 personal trainers working with us. We plan to open a fitness facility in the near future. In Body By Chosen we really want to focus on changing the mind-set that so many people seem to have (the same one I had) and it’s not to ignore the importance of taking care of your body.

Health is Wealth - Sean Maingot @bodybychosenXP

Health is Wealth – Sean Maingot @BodyByChosenXP

I’ve always had a competitive spirit. My dad reminds me often of my first days playing baseball (Tee-Ball) when I used to cry every time my team lost. I just hated to lose and always wanted to be the best at what ever I did. That’s what drives me to continue and push through even the hardest workouts. My workout routines are different from most because I use very minimal free weights. 95% of my workouts are body weight exercises (calisthenics). For example we have a workout we do called 300 (10 sets of 30 Push ups , Pull ups, and Dips). You keep switching your hand positions on the push ups and pull ups to target different areas. There is no burn like it. Don’t believe me? Try it. I don’t take any supplements just protein shakes here and there. I tried pre-workouts before, but I didn’t like how it made my body feel. The last time I checked my weight I was 165lbs and my body fat percentage was 10.9. My ideal would be 172-178 with a body fat percentage under 10.

To anyone reading this I would simply say know your worth. We are all given life. Some have it more difficult than others but the one thing we can do is take care of our bodies. Health is so important. My reason for wanting to be in shape may not be yours, and it shouldn’t be. We don’t have to be a certain body fat percentage or want to be able to do 100 push ups straight; that’s not the important thing here. What’s important is loving yourself and giving yourself the opportunity to live life to its fullest capacity and the only way to do that is to take care of your body, inside and out.

You can find me on twitter @BodyByChosenXP,, Facebook – Body By Chosen (group page)
Youtube – Body By Chosen (check out all of our videos)

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