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Thanks to the release of endorphins, exercise is a feel-good way to spend time together. Endorphins produce an opiate-like feeling of well-being, and there’s no one better to experience that high with than your significant other. Studies have shown that exercising with any partner is beneficial, and the friendly competition that comes from exercising with your loved one can breathe fresh life into a relationship, rekindling any flames that may have dimmed. Try racing each other on trail runs or up and down sets of stairs for a little good-natured competition.

Even better, experts say one of the main benefits of tandem workouts is not having to choose between logging hours at the gym and spending quality time with the person you love. Capping a long day off with a run alongside your partner is a great way to beat stress and unwind, and meeting fitness goals together is a perfect way to build unity and closeness. Plus, having a partner who you can exercise with will also hold you accountable.

Rhonda and William at transformationpics.com

Our friends Rhonda and William at transformationpics.com

And did we mention that all this exercising together will improve your sex life  and have you both looking your best? If that’s not a great reason to start , we don’t know what is. Check out what our friends Rhonda and William are doing over at transformationpics.com

Your friends at Socially Fit

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  1. This is a dream of mine. When I was writing out my list of “must haves” in a man, I totally forgot to put athletic or health oriented. God bless my naturally slim husband who is one of the least athletic people I know.

    Since we got married five years ago, he’s gained about four inches in the waist taking him from a 32 to a 36. Even though he is totally dissatisfied with change, he’s not dissatisfied enough to be motivated to actually DO something about it.

    Even though I workout pretty regularly, he can be found on the couch watching TV after a long day at work. Being the good wife that I am, I really try to not nag him about it, knowing that this will likely frustrate and discourage him more.

    *whispers* Not to mention, our sex life could use some improvement… O_o Uh…yeah! LOL

    • Rhonda and William have both lost over 100 pounds each! It’s been quite a journey for them and every day that I get to bask in their glory is a celebration! I’m very proud of their continued efforts. Losing weight is one battle, keeping it off and sticking to the program is another. It really helps when the people around you are “working with you” if you know what I mean. I think that in time your husband come around.

      Everything in God’s time!

  2. Love this post. I agree that working out together improves and enhances a relationship. My boyfriend is not crazy about Zumba, but he does it with me anyway and we always feel good afterwards. Good times!………….Healthy Journey!

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