Tez Cox

Tez Cox

My name is Tez Cox and training is more than a lifestyle, it’s who I am. I love to network in the fitness industry not only to share my journey with everyone, but I want to help you reach your goals like I did and continue to do.

As a child I was tall and thin and wanted to be bigger, like Arnold S from twins. I first started training with my two brothers back in the late 80’s. In the early 90’s I installed a home gym where I just didn’t put on as much mass as I wanted to. I built my legs up but my upper body stayed lean so I gave up after 18 months.  Big mistake! I was born with an extra chromosome and my body takes longer to build muscle mass and as time passed, I became lethargic and alcohol became my best friend.

At my heaviest I was 350lbs and a borderline alcoholic. The doctors told me if I continued along that path I only had about three months left to live so in 2001 I started lifting weights all over again. With consistency I was able to bring by weight down to 230lbs and keep it off for several years however in September 2007 I became very ill. I had Meningitis. I was out of it for three months, no work outs and sure enough all the weight came back. I was told not to train again but training had become a part of my life. So I’m back in the gym again. I’ve lost the weight and with the support of my family and girlfriend I’m determined to reach my next goal.


My Current Goals:

·         drop more body fat 

·         put on more mass from my current workout  (Kris Gethin 12 week transformation it’s FREE)

·         remain drug and alcohol free

·         become a personal trainer

I think in another year I will be on the way to having the mass size that I want and my 6 pack!

My Supplements:

Myofusion probiotic (as we need the right proteins going in at the right time), one fish oil per morning,  2 yobhimbine HCI ( a stimulant used for weight loss) 1 Green tea Extract tablet, 1 L-carotine,  plus BCAA and Glutamine. I use Kre-Alkalyn Efx till the end of week 9

My Meal Plan (nutrition is Y3T)

·         Oat pancakes with 1 scoop of whey protein 

·         Chicken,  brown rice and broccoli

·         Tuna or salmon with brown rice broccoli and 2 boiled eggs 

·         Turkey or chicken with green veg after workout plus whey protein 

·         Steak (or chicken) with green veg  only 

       ·         3L of water per day, more in the summer time

Night time

·         2 whole wheat bread slices with 1 tbsp of peanut butter low fat cottage cheese mixed with 1 scoop of Myofusion 

On my way to earning a 6 pack!

On my way to earning my 6 pack!

I’ve done the 12 week transformation 4 times and I’m really loving the new look! You can follow me on facebook Tez Essez or https://www.facebook.com/12WeeksTransformation?ref=hl 



  1. Lee says:

    Awesome journey m8!! I know it aint complete as there are many stops on the way!!! I know ul get there!!!

    • Thank you lee, it’s been hard as i came up against Road Blocks in the Gym World, after I get ill from meningitis. I Had to leant about training & everything Again, But this time I’ve I know what I am doing from weight training to my Nutrition

  2. Great post. Congratulations on your weight loss success and overcoming alcohol……healthy journey!

    • Thank you, I join a gym back in 2001 after giving up drinking and becoming Single. Losing the weight was the hardiest As I never thought I would loss body Fat, I thought I would always be Fat, but after meeting kris Gethin & believing in myself I knew I could do it..

  3. huge acheivement – well done! great post

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