Socially Fit: The Run Club

Welcome to Socially Fit: The Run Club!

We need you!! Yes you!! What is it that gets you up at the crack of dawn, to run endlessly. How do we aspire to get there? If we’ve only just begun, what words of wisdom can you share? Do you even care that we are here, or are we that pebble in your shoe? The novice that for the moment is standing in your path, and you want nothing more than for us to move out of the way so that you can run.

Run, because it’s what you love, what you’ve trained for. What are we missing?

What information can you share with us to prepare us for the road ahead? We need you. Like a child in the playground, we need you to tell us what’s safe. Please share any information that you may have to make it a safe “running zone” for all of us.

Thank you for participating!


  1. via Charles Poliquin says:

    Five Things You Probably Didnt Know About Sprinters…

  2. Always look both ways before going across the road!
    Remember to walk to warm up/cool down and do your stretches.
    If you’re on a busy road, don’t have your mp3 player on in both ears.
    If you get tired or have stitch, slow down but don’t stop!
    I’d also recommend carrying your cellphone to call someone just in case you injure yourself and you’re in the middle of nowhere.

  3. Miss Busa says:

    I’m in Week 7/18 of my marathon training. I’m a total newbie and I can’t say I like running. It’s a means to enhance my performance in the sport I really love. That’s what keeps me going most days. The only thing that I can share so far: Shoes!!!! Go get your feet and stride analyzed and get proper shoes for the terrain you anticipate running on. Your knees and feet will thank you. 🙂

    • I do need a change of shoes. Are you training for a full marathon? WOW!! That must be some serious business. How are you finding it?

      • Miss Busa says:

        It’s tough! And I don’t think I’ll ever recover from those two weeks I slacked off, so I’m stepping it back to the training week before my laziness occurred after the half-marathon race I have coming up, so my muscles can recuperate, my legs are so sore I can barely walk. But I will NOT let that beat me. I am only going to do this once. The marathon thing, after that it’s 5K here and there. LOL Or so I have promised myself. I get really bored around mile 6… and that’s when I want to quit because I ran out of things to think about to distract me.

      • I’m not that far along yet. I will be though. I make sure that I run at least three times a week! BTW, you should be expecting an email within the next 24 hours.

  4. Run with someone! I run with a group of 9 women in my neighborhood. It’s good to know someone is expecting you out there at 6am! Also, start very slow so that you can more easily be consistent. See you on the roads, the trails, the race course!

    • I run at 5AM and it has been difficult to find someone thus far. I live in a big city so you’d think it would be easier….thanks for the advice. I’m still on the hunt! Just finished my 5AM run!

  5. oolalang says:

    In addition to a cellphone, bring photo ID with you, particularly if you’re on a long run. Also make sure if you’ll be out for awhile to either have a water fountain of some kind about halfway through or bring some along with!

  6. thewondermya says:

    This is what I learnt : always eat proper food to fuel a run or it is going to be hell and the pleasure will be missing. Also fuel your engine by drinking and geting proper food after a run, it doesn’t need to be a huge meal.
    I love running even if I run when I can – and not everyday – ad the best running to me is : barefoot. But beware of the broken glass, broken wood pieces and other nasty rocks. I am in love with Vibram, they rock, they are the most comfortable shoes I have ever owned. And the only one that are not giving me hundreds of blisters… 😉

    • I keep hearing about Vibrams. I am deifnitley willing to try them. I am in search of a good pair of rtunning shoes. How much do they cost? I have been eating great and it has shown in my runs. I am not dying out there, I do feel the burn but I am still able to pull out a full on sprint at the end.

      • thewondermya says:

        I bought mine around 140 australian dollars but some are available for less than that. What you are saying about the link between the eating and the exercising is very interesting to me I am currently researching different way of eating.

      • I am now eating all of my carbs before 2PM and proteins and veggies after that until 8PM. Then no more food until the next day. It works and I feel great.

      • thewondermya says:

        Wow great !

  7. Good day to you all!! I have finished my 5AM run and I find myself in a great place. Running has become comfortable and my breathing is a lot better.This is a great development for me! Does anyone else have any new news?

  8. Julia Vasinda says:

    Hmmm…I’ve been an on and off runner, but this time I’m going to make it stick! Just signed up for the Wounded Warrior half marathon in June and I’ve got to say, I actually like running this time around! The biggest advice I have to tell myself before every run is to set the right pace. I always start out too fast and end up dying halfway through!

  9. I found a great group, and some helpful tips here and BTW my wife started running!! I’m also up to 8.5K’s Monday, Wednesday and Friday!!

    How are you guys doing?

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