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Meet Elite Trainer – Will Hough

Ever wonder how the pros keep themselves in shape? Here you’ll find out what one particular individual is doing to stay at the top of his game. I’m often amazed by the sheer dedication and passion of the personal trainers, coaches and mentors that I see in gyms, out in the field and in the media. I wonder what their secrets are, what motivates them to get up every day and work hard to help other people achieve their fitness goals, shape and mold athletes, or coach a team to victory. My mission with this blog is to take a closer look at the world of personal trainers, coaches and mentors. What makes them sweat? What makes them smile? And what can we learn from their personal stories?

Believe it or not I met Will Hough through Twitter! He has quickly become a friend, a trusted peer, someone I can bounce ideas off of, and above all, someone I truly respect and admire. I am honored to feature Will Hough as the first trainer interviewed for “How the Trainers Train Themselves.”

Will Hough
Owner: WillFit in New York City
Certifications: USA Triathlon, IHP, Certified Coach, Strength Training for the Triathlete,
Swim Faster Using Less Energy, Triathlon Training Program Design, ACSM, CPR & AED

Professional Trainer Instruction in: Running, Weight Training, Flexibility, Endurance, Strength & Conditioning, Triathlon & Biathlon Coaching and Nutrition

How the Trainers Train Themselves: How did you become interested in fitness?
Will Hough: When I first got into training I was new at working out after coming from a background with the Marines. I had trained with the Navy Seals and Special Ops teams in areas like super chemical warfare, snipers, unconventional warfare training, heavy artillery and as a heavy equipment operator. I was a Marine from 1979 to 1985.

HTT: That’s some pretty intense training! How did you get into the business?
WH: Yeah, I knew about being conditioned but I didn’t really know about the art of training. I met a women in Seattle, Nita Gunthrie, back in 1982. One day at the gym I was trying to bench press 185 lbs and the bar fell on top of me because I didn’t have the correct form, and this woman comes over to me, she’s about 4’ 11”– and pulled the bar off me and said, “let me show you how to workout the right way.” That’s how it all started, that day in the gym. She took me under her wing and became my mentor. She guided me through training and reconditioning and helped me gain 30 lbs of muscle mass over two years. I went from 235 to 185 and started competing in triathlons and biathlons and became an adventure racer, a power lifter.
HTT: So that was a pivotal moment in your life, the beginning of a new career path, when this tiny strong woman came to your aid?
WH: Yeah! At that point in Seattle I was out of the Marines and just an ordinary guy trying to see what life was like on the outside. Within a year (1983) I became certified and started training.
HTT: What were your personal fitness goals back then?
WH: I wanted to learn to develop my body. Instead of being lean and small, I wanted to learn how to become more muscular, I was always intrigued about being strong and lifting a lot of weight.
HTT: And where did this new body and career as a trainer take you?
WH: I was working for myself as a trainer in Seattle for a bit, and I became a competitive bodybuilder in 1982, until 1989. I eventually made my way back to New York and started my own training business in 1993—WILLFIT/HOUGH LLC.

My business is based on training, conditioning athletes, the everyday person looking for a change from basic training. I’m more into taking a person beyond their limits.
HTT: What’s your favorite/least favorite type of client?
WH: Favorite type of client! One that’s truly motivated, passionate, driven, limitless and eager to rise above and beyond.
Least favorite client!?! One that’s wasting my time!
HTT: I hear that! What makes your training style unique? What is your specialty?

WH: My training style is very different, I try to see, learn, what makes you, YOU! Develop your weakness, make you stronger from within and then there’s no limit on where we can go from there!
HTT: If you had to sum up your style in a few words?
WH: Intense, driven, mind and body together as one!
HTT: What are your hobbies?
WH: My hobbies are vast, I have an African Art collection, Asian Art, sports memorabilia, a coin collection, car collection, Ducatis! I’m into almost anything that fuels my passion! My cars and bikes! Any chance I have to ride and drive it’s on!

HTT: Favorite food?
WH: Anything except red meat, sushi…
HTT: Favorite sport?
WH: Formula 1, then football.
HTT: What’s one of your “guilty” pleasures?
WH: Baking cakes!
HTT: Your favorite book?
WH: I haven’t had a chance to read any! I’m more into audio books now. But “The Feathermen” is a must!
HTT: Favorite movie?
WH: Gladiator! Anything action or Sci Fi.
HTT: What do you do to keep yourself in shape?
WH: I challenge myself each workout–cycling, high reps, moderate weight total body 3x week with cardio 30, 45, one hour sessions.
HTT: What do you do for fun? Leisure?
WH: Spend time with my son, my family and friends and my hobbies.

HTT: Where do you see the future of fitness heading?
WH: Future of Fitness! That’s a good question! I think the market is over saturated with unproven trainers, fly by night certifications and many haven’t paid their dues. While trainers like you and I have laid down the ground work for them!
HTT: Thank you, Will! I so appreciate your honesty, integrity and humor. It’s great getting to know more about you, like, who would have pictured you baking cakes? Formula One, yeah, that I can picture, but cakes? Sweet and Strong, an inspiration!

Follow/Contact Will:!/willtrainer008

Written by Laura McDonald 2012 and reblogged today as per Will Hough

Heart of a Champion

On stage with Curtis Harwell

Each day on twitter there is a powerful boost in energy when he arrives. He is first and foremost thankful for the grace of God, and he makes a point of personally thanking each and every follower (over six thousand the last time I checked). He inspires with his words, and motivates through his unyielding spirit. He is a proud father, and an avid bodybuilder. It is an absolute pleasure for us to introduce you to “Curtis Harwell” and what you’ll discover is that he has more heart than you can ever imagine. When your heart fails, and all the colors in life fade to black, that flat line is quite possibly all that is left, but that’s not always the case.

As a youngster I liked being faster and stronger than everyone else. I knew I wasn’t going to be tall so I worked with what God gave me. God made me strong, hence my choice was easy. I liked the look of Arnold and Franco and said I want to be like them. I have spent every day since working for that. I have a successful marriage, family, and business. I will continue to bodybuild as long as God is willing. My coach Ted Post from Orange California still competes at the age of 69 so I hope to match whatever he does.

A young Curtis – Always the athlete

March 3rd has marked 3 years since I’ve had total heart reconstruction. I am stronger and have more endurance than I have ever had. So its influence has made me a better father, man and bodybuilder. I live to motivate people every day. There was never a moment in which I thought about quitting bodybuilding. My survival rate was not good so my main goal was to be around and functioning for my family. I did however think about bodybuilding since it has been a huge part of my life since I was 13. I knew no one worked harder or had more desire to succeed than I did. I knew if God gave me the opportunity to continue my life, he would also give me the strength to come back and be better. I was never afraid I would not body build again. I just didn’t know how good I would be. I was back in the gym 3 weeks after my surgery. My sternum was still wired and unhealed and hurt like hell but I had to start. I did what the doctor would let me do with a weight limitation of 5 pounds. Remember everything was new and not well healed yet. Walking from the car to the gym I was out of breath.

Getting “PUMPED”

When competing professionally, a week before the show I put the finishing touches on. I’ve learned from a lot of old style bodybuilders so my goal a week out is to tighten the screws on the diet. NO accidents. Do nothing I wouldn’t normally do. NO experimenting. I do a full body workout Monday throughWednesday with a few exercises and sets but I do sets of 25 reps. The reps help me get hard and striated and thin my skin out for vascularity. Plus the day of the show a full body pump is easier to achieve and not get tired. I do NO legs the week of the show. Need the cuts the day of the show. I rest after Wednesday. I start my water cutting regimen on Wednesday. The color starts going on Wednesday night through the morning of the show. I practice poses in the mirrors at Gold’s Gym early in the morning when no one is there Monday through Wednesday. I am a power poser so I’m not a dancer. Not my style with the injuries I have had. Thursday is used as travel day.

Curtis Harwell “Believe”

God has had the chance 3 times in my life to take me home. Every time he has allowed me to stay here to share my motivation and life with others. Giving back to the sport that has given me my life is the least I can do. Every day of my life I try to make a difference in someone’s life for the better. Everyone should experience what being a WINNER and WINNING is all about. I think bodybuilding is the GREATEST sport in the world. I never waste time on what my competition looks like or how they train. If I give everything I have to give I will WIN. If I don’t WIN it’s because I need to work harder; and I do.

Be the best that you can be, and everything else will fall into place – God Bless