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I am a Body of Work in Progress

My life is a happy balance ~ Stephanie Joanne

My life is a happy balance ~ Stephanie Joanne

Describing myself and what I do is always the most challenging task. To be very honest, the simple truth is I am a personal trainer. I have been blessed with some great exposure and tv/media opportunities which have opened up some doors for me. The one thing I’m not afraid of is walking towards those doors and making things happen. I really believe that there are no chance meetings. Keeping this in mind, I am always thinking of ways to collaborate with those around me. Currently I am working with a few companies in marketing and the exposure side of their business. Aligning myself with key organizations such as The Treadmill Factory has my time tied up these days.

I was brought up in Europe. Sports and play were daily activities. I did it all. My parents pretty much encouraged me to play and do as much as my spare time could allow. Following a full extracurricular program my memories are of my father playing games outside with me that he played during his childhood. My big brother Jonathan always included me in games that he played with his friends and I played OBA (Ontario Basketball) until I was seventeen. In retrospect, I’m pretty sure that it’s because of this early interaction that I turned into quite the tomboy and sport fanatic. I also joined a gym with my Mom at thirteen years of age and I’ve been in love with fitness ever since. It’s like brushing my teeth. Something feels terribly wrong if I don’t move.

The hardest obstacle for me thus far has been trying to figure out who I am in this role as a “fitness expert”. I spend most of my time with media related obligations and in meetings. Yet somehow all I want to do is wear my tights and workout. Finding balance and making sure I enjoy the process of creating my brand has been my primary focus. My boyfriend frequently reminds me to stop and be grateful for all that I have already accomplished before looking at what is next. I need to be constantly reminded of this.

I keep my workout routine and supplements simple. I box twice a week, hot yoga twice a week and train at the gym three times. I take Cygen Powergreens21 and Cygen Fish Oil. I am obsessed with the new victory bars, my OhYeah and Quest bars have always been a staple. I am in love with this new Yoga place I found. The girl teaching is the best I have come across in YEARS!! Her name is Karin (from YogaTree) and she has me determined to get into all these poses I would have never thought possible. Bending legs behind my head, balance and hand/head stands…all that good stuff!

I have a great team of individuals cheering me on! My Dad offers a welcomed thumbs up and tells his little girl he is proud at times when I feel like I am still that 7 year old girl who does not have a clue what she is doing or where she is going. In reality this is the truth. The older I get the more I realize that “adults” as we knew it when we were kids, don’t quite have it all together like we thought they did. My brother is that guy who will always take care of his little sis; pick me up when and if I fall kind of brother. It sure makes life a lot easier knowing that even when the rest of the world thinks “you’ve made it” on the inside you still need to know that if time ever came and you’re about to fall, that someone’s going to catch you. That person would be my brother, hands down. My best friend Sabrina is the one I literally speak to for at least an hour a day. She is the one who knows all the details. It’s like a very attractive human diary. Then the man behind the woman is Sheldan. Most days after I’m finished running my business and taking on the world, he gets the cranky version of me. The version most would not believe existed. The big joke is that the Stephanie Joanne turns back into the Stephanie Beekhuysen (which is my real name) and all I want to do is sulk and get back rubs. He deals with me and he supports me, which gets him major points all day long. Life really is all about relationships. As long as I value my relationships and the time I spend with the people I love, everything else will fall into place…. I hope!

I'm always going to be Daddy's little girl ~ Stephanie Joanne

I’m always going to be Daddy’s little girl ~ Stephanie Joanne

If remaining committed to fitness is a challenge for you and you’re trying to figure out what’s the best path to success I really think it’s time to start looking inward for the solution. Too often people trust what “experts” have to say and they get caught up in a war of conflicting information. When I get stuck I turn off my cell phone; I turn away from the computer and I sit with a pen and paper. It may take me 5 minutes or it may (and often does) take me all day and night; but I take that much needed time to re-group and journal what it is that I want and more so why I want it. I take the time to answer the important questions, “What does it mean to me? What do I have to do to make my goals happen?” Then I act on it. I strongly suggest that you do the same.

Throughout this entire journey I have found that there really is nothing more important than my time and energy. I have had the fancy job and the fancy title and I reached a place in life where I had to let it go. No regrets! Now, I have the energy to do everything that I am passionate about in my own time.

My message is simple, take control of your life.

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Today We’re Chatting With an NPAA Elite Pro

If you follow Mindy Lou Ambrose on twitter you know that she’s nothing short of a fire cracker. She plays hard and works harder, so we’re thankful that she took the time to answer a few questions for us.

Mindy Lou Ambrose

Can you tell us a little about your formative years?

I spent much of my childhood exploring acting, dance and visual arts while my sister seemed to be more of a sports junkie. However, because she was only one year older, I kept trying to keep up with her. This meant participating in sports like Volleyball and Basketball, as well as competing in track and field events. My parents were supportive of all of our interests. My Dad used to ride my Mom’s bike around the block stopwatch in hand, beside us as we ran. We had him time us every night so that we could try to beat our times. This is a fond memory of mine because other kids in the neighborhood started to join in, and it was quite funny to see my Dad on my Mom’s bike with a pack of kids running beside him.  In high-school a few friends had gym memberships. I couldn’t afford one so I used a youth exercise program at a Rec Centre. I was heavy into aerobics, plyometrics, running, and resistance training from the age of 17 (through the youth program) but wanted to get into weight-lifting too. I loved the gym setting from the minute I set foot in one for the first time on a friend’s guest pass. I can’t say there was ever a light-bulb effect moment where I became a fitness junkie. It has just always been in me – I genuinely enjoy challenging my body. I started to realize I could be serious with weight-training when I joined a gym at the age of 20 that was managed by my good friend. He was a bodybuilder, and a personal trainer and gave me priceless advice about heavy-lifting, building and fat-burning.

How has fitness changed your life?

Developing muscles and cardio conditioning at such a young age has helped me feel physically strong and capable which has always added to my self-confidence. The biggest impact fitness has had overall, is in goal-setting. I am a self-declared expert at goal-setting. For over a decade I have seen myself set and exceed goals on a regular basis and I can’t tell you how valuable of a habit that is. Now that I am in my 30’s I feel like there’s nothing I can’t accomplish in life. No goal is too intimidating for me. I feel compelled to enlighten others on the habit of setting what I call “Juicy Goals.”  I see my body as a survival tool, and plan my nutrition and training around maintaining it the best I can. Results keep my momentum up more than anything. Seeing my strength and conditioning improve weekly gives me a high. At the moment, I have had success in natural bodybuilding and identify with being a completely hormone/drug-free, fat burner-free athlete. I hold myself accountable for living the lifestyle that I promote. I also surround myself with amazing people who are like-minded and are not afraid to set big fitness goals.

Who supports your efforts?

My parents are worriers – they fear for my safety when I practice boxing, and they remember all the ailments and injuries I have had from weight-training (which have all been very minor.) It is quite amusing actually. They are also conservative and have had to get used to the idea of me painting my body brown and wearing heels and a bikini before a panel of judges. When I had my first win, my Dad said “I’m proud of you but keep your clothes on.” They have always given me unconditional support, so all they care about is that I am happy. My sister and I are polar opposites but she tells me that she brags about my accomplishments to her friends. She is very proud of the level of confidence I have built through my sport. She comes to all of my shows. My main squeeze, Jason, fully gets what I do and welcomes my lifestyle. It makes a huge difference having a partner who shares the same values in health and fitness, and who genuinely believes I can achieve all of my goals. He has been known to push me on the odd day that I lacked motivation or energy, leading up to a competition. Even on our first dates he taught me about using nutrition to keep the muscles that I work hard to build. I also have the best coach in the business, and she has wonderful clients who are becoming great friends of mine. They all have zero doubts about my fitness goals, and that feels amazing.

What are the difficulties that you’ve faced?

I am in the habit of removing obstacles in my path to achieving goals. I can’t say I have had many obstacles except financial barriers surrounding a divorce, and retiring a business as a result of the divorce. I sold furniture and personal belongings to get started in this sport – to pay for my first coach, show fees, and costuming. Now that everything is sorted out, and I am thriving in a new career, my success has been building ever since, (on all levels.)

What are some of your accomplishments?

Winning my first show of this season, after having to drop out of the Fall season from the flu and pneumonia,) was an emotional milestone for me. I felt like I couldn’t get on that stage fast enough, after having a taste of competing 12 months before. I had already won, in my eyes, because of all of the personal goals I had exceeded in prep for the show, but bringing home my first trophy was redeeming that this was MY sport. I received first place in the IDFA Novice Fitness Model division, and a few months later won first overall in Fitness Model class at INBF in Vancouver. Having 2 unanimous wins gives me great confidence for future competing. I have now been awarded Elite Pro status in the NPAA, and will be competing for an IFPA pro card on September 30th, 2012. This year I found my place in natural fitness model physique competitions, which is perfect because of my values regarding banned substance use. I practice natural, healthy competing, and prefer to represent associations that reward this.

What’s your current training and meal plan?

I use which is an online coaching program created by WBFF Pro Fitness Model Fatima Leite Kusch. She adjusts my training about every few weeks, and it has changed for each of the 4 competitions this year (that’s right, FOUR competitions this Summer.) One trend seems to be 2 days on, rest day, 3 days on, rest day… for the past couple of months it has resembled a building program. I have had to build a lot of muscle since being sick all last Fall/Winter. For supplements I take protein shakes, (but rely on food first,) BCAAs and Glutamine. My body has held onto my muscles more effectively since using BCAAs. Muscle recovery is my main motivation for using these supplements. Mostly I rely on 8 hours of sleep every night, for muscle repair. I can’t tell you how much this works. It also prevents food cravings like nothing else. Every week, Fatima changes my ratio of fats, carbs, proteins, etc. I am fed more fats and carbs than people expect – even on the day of my show – back stage – I am eating loads of EVERY food group all day long, while other competitors starve and eat nothing but rice cakes. My favorite carbs are slow-release options like yam muffins, yams, oatmeal, oat brownies, and oat cookies. My favorite protein options are lean cuts of steak, chicken curry meatloaf, baked multigrain chicken strips and turkey burgers. For fats I eat olives, cheese, nuts, coconut, avocado and nut butters. I am consistent year-round, and avoid gaining excess fat in the winter, which allows me freedom to enjoy all kinds of foods. I don’t feel like I am dieting until I am1 week out from a competition. The emphasis is on feeding my muscles, rather than depletion. While I do eat a lot of foods, I don’t eat restaurant food very often, as there is little control over how it is prepared. You don’t achieve a pro fitness body by eating out all the time, or by simply making wise meal choices – it takes much more than that.

What are your immediate and long-term goals?

I have recently earned Elite Pro status with NPAA, which means I am recognized as a Canadian pro athlete. In order to win an international pro card with the IFPA (an affiliate with the NPAA,) I have to win my height class in my next competition, and then win overall among all height class winners. I feel that competing at the International pro level is just the gravy on top of all the opportunities coming my way. My goal is to continue competing annually, perhaps twice per year, and to use that new level of celebrity to become a judge, a posing coach, and a motivational speaker. I have a lot to say about living confidently, savoring life, and creating enormous goals. I also plan to master the art of Capoeira and compete in amateur boxing.

Any advice for our readers?

If you’re serious about transforming your physique health, and conditioning, my best piece of advice is to COMPLETELY model an athlete who has the regimen, body, and lifestyle you would enjoy having. I noticed major changes in my body when I started boxing. I admired the physique of a boxer, as well as enjoyed the various physical exercises involved with boxing, and wanted a total body workout and intense cardio conditioning. I wanted to be able to say I was an athletic machine, not just a bunch of pretty muscles. Having this connection to my overall goal kept me consistent and excited – none of it felt like a chore. The same applies to bodybuilding for me. I enjoy all aspects of this sport and my category, and I do not feel like it is a chore. I thrive in this sport because I genuinely enjoy it. Explore fitness and when you discover the activities you can’t get enough of, perform them with 100% intensity every time. If you hate running – don’t run. If you hate cycling – don’t cycle. Find the balance of the desired physique you want to maintain, and the level and nature of activity you are prepared to commit to… stop talking about it… start doing it.

Set a very specific big goal, and use small, bi-weekly attainable goals to get there. Enjoy the process of getting to the big goal, and celebrate your small successes. Give credit to all of your efforts. Also, do not let a single barrier get in your way of what you want to do. You can keep your momentum up by doing something every single day (no matter how small,) that contributes to your desired results. Whether it’s trying a new clean-eating recipe, buying yourself some new fitness gear, planning a fitness outing with friends, trying a new exercise class or new jogging route, going to the supplement store to be enlightened on new products… you can do something EVERY day that will help set you up for success in fitness. Everyone should also know that it may be scary throwing yourself out there for criticism (maybe you are out of shape and joining a gym… maybe you are competing as a fitness model and don’t feel like a conventional model,) but I guarantee you will hear more positive feedback than negative once you get started. Whatever you feel most vulnerable about will not be noticed by the masses. They will respect you as an athlete. Most of my fans started following me when I had only competed once, and received 5th place – no trophy. They support me because they see me eating, sleeping, and breathing my ideal lifestyle. They are fans because of my passion, not because of my wins. Throwing myself into the public eye was daunting last year, but for every ONE negative downer in my life, there are 1,000 supporters in my corner cheering me on.

I dare everyone to stop talking about that big juicy fantastical goal they have been talking about for years, and start implementing it TODAY. If I can design a dream life, so can you.

1-2-3 GO!

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