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MedX Precision Fitness

MedX Precision Fitness specializes in proactive solutions for fitness and health. They provide private 1-on-1 training sessions that employ a research based approach to exercise, focusing on productivity and efficiency. Their once per week sessions are performed in no more than 20 minutes and are perfect for any busy professional. Located at Bay & Richmond (downtown Toronto) every session is professionally supervised in a completely private and clinical environment using state-of-the-art MedX exercise equipment.

All of this is accomplished using a unique form of resistance training, that being High Intensity Training (HIT). What separates HIT from other forms of strength training is that the primary focus involves effort and recovery. In addition, HIT is a low force, low impact form of strength that is both safe and extremely effective for all types of trainees. In a nutshell, HIT is a form of progressive resistance exercise characterized by a high level of effort or intensity and relatively brief and infrequent workouts, as opposed to typical training methods involving low to moderate levels of effort and longer, more frequent workouts. The fundamental principals of HIT are train harder, trainer briefer and train less often.

Shaun was

Shaun (an ex-marine) was nauseous after the first 6 minutes!

We decided to take Sheldon up on his offer of a FREE session. He was warm and welcoming and assured us that we would be out of there within an hour. With our busy schedules it’s always a bonus when we can fit in an intense workout.

What he accomplished in 15 minutes left Shaun (an ex-marine) nauseous and sore for quite some time.

You hear HIT exercise and your expectation is to move at a fast pace, but that’s not the case here. With seven pieces of equipment (used in push-pull rotation) Shaun worked his entire body. The key however was not to move at a fast pace but to constantly engage his muscles while moving at a snails pace (micro movement) to exhaustion. Shaun couldn’t feel his legs and his knees actually buckled after he completed the leg extensions. It was utterly ridiculous, he couldn’t believe it! We’ve now incorporated this technique into our daily workouts. We concentrate more on the muscle being used; overall form in general; as well as control. It’s not about how fast you can go; or how much weight you can lift or push; but how much you can control without momentum.

If you’d like to shake up your workouts; it doesn’t matter how old you are or what level of fitness you’re at; we suggest you give them a try!

Thanks Sheldon, you totally kicked our ass!

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