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Hello, my name is Michelle and I am excited to share my fitness journey as so much has changed since sharing my first story with Socially Fit. I’m from the beautiful islands of Trinidad and Tobago found in the far south of the Caribbean. I began exercising at age 11 and never stopped unless told to do so. I was forced to stop working out in 2003 when I had a surgery. The other time was more recent, in 2013 after the birth of my miracle baby. Yes I said miracle baby since I was told that I was not capable of having children due to my diagnosis of endometriosis in 2003. I’m a figure athlete and have represented my country in various international body fitness competitions. My last competition being the Arnold Classic held in Ohio in 2013 where I placed 5th in my class.

During my pregnancy I was able to exercise with some modifications as I went through each trimester. However I had an emergency C-section which slowed my return to exercising post pregnancy. It was recommended that I should not to work out for the first 6 weeks post pregnancy and that was the crucial time when my weight should be reduced. Instead I have only lost a minimal amount of weight and after two months began a training regimen.

With the new addition to my family life, exercising has to be strategic. Timing is key. We purchased a treadmill for our home so I can get more structured cardio done when the baby is asleep. Weight training normally lasts between 30 to 40 minutes and is done prior to or after training clients as I am currently a freelance Personal Trainer in north Indianapolis area.

I have set both short term and long term goals and they motivate me to everyday to wake up and accomplish the objective set out for the day, week or month ahead. For example I set out to complete a 30 minute cardio session at least 3 days a week as well as 4 to 5 days of weight training to build muscle. My nutrition has also become even more crucial thus food prep every Sunday has become the norm to allow me to ensure the proper meals are consumed daily.

Some of my fitness goals include me being my original weight before I became pregnant on or before my birthday which is in July. I would also like to challenge myself by preparing to compete in October 2014 either representing my country Trinidad and Tobago or taking part in an NPC Show.

My hubby and parents have always been and still are the best support system ever. Hearing my mom say, “I’m eating better and exercising to be healthier” is support and a great motivational tool for me.

My favorite body part to work out is back.  I have always loved the quick response my back muscles adapt to my exercise routines over the years and this time is no different.

Always motivate yourself from within. Make mental notes and write down your goals. Mark Twain said it best, “the secret of getting ahead is getting started.” My last competition pic has been a continued motivational piece for me. I would love to earn my professional status one day. “One day at a time I am getting close to my goal” has been my mantra. It’s what I tell myself with each workout and each meal I consume each day.

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Elizabeth White (mother of two) Currently preparing for her first physique competition.

Elizabeth White (mother of two) currently preparing for her first physique competition.

I am a mother of two, Personal Trainer, IFBB Pro Figure/Physique Athlete, and  Nutrition Consultant.  I live in North Carolina.  Work is mainly at the Y, personal training, although I do have many long distant clients I help with training, nutrition and contest prep.  My degree is from East Carolina University in Exercise and Sports Science.

I am a Sponsored athlete by NutraClipse.  I absolutely love their products!

I am currently preparing for my first Womens Physique Competition.  I decided to switch divisions two years ago, focusing on gaining size to compete in Physique, not Figure. I have always been very active.  As a child I rode/showed horses, played many different sports.  Soccer was my favorite.  I can remember so clearly at age 12 , falling in love with the weight room.  The “Iron Passion” has been there ever since! I competed in one body building competition in 1998.  Then, I got married and had two beautiful children.  It wasn’t until 2004 that I decided to compete in Figure.  I won the overall in my first show.  It was ON after that.  I trained hard to earn my Pro Card,  In 2006, I won the Overall at the Jr. Nationals and turned Pro.

Health and fitness has been my life for over 20 years

Health and fitness has been my life for over 20 years.

Health and fitness has been my life for over 20 years.  The most rewarding thing is knowing I make a difference in someone’s life.  I love helping others achieve their health and fitness goals; be it fighting disease or just boosting their mental, emotional and physical outlook. This is what I do and what I enjoy.

My family has always been supportive.  They know it’s my lifestyle, striving to be stronger, healthy and full of life.  My children even know when my “cheat meals” are and when and why it is important to eat healthy and exercise.  I want to be an incredible role model for them in every way.

I think the hardest obstacles for me to overcome were the death of my father and my divorce.  When I turned Pro it was Fathers Day weekend which made it extra special for me having lost my father.  On the flip side, I was also going through a very hard divorce, trying my best to raise two small children, live, work  and  compete through the process.  BUT I DID IT! I give thanks to God for giving me the strength, patience and determination to achieve my goals and the support from my friends and family being there for me.

For the past two years I have trained and planned meals to add more muscle to compete in Physique. I have been dieting since January of this year to compete next week in my first Physique competition.  I haven’t been on stage since my last Figure competition 2 years ago.  So, I am very excited and ready to see how I do in this new division with a different look.

I do a lot of “old school” training. I love lifting heavy, challenging myself to see just what I can do with what God has given me.  It is so freakin fun to me!!! LOL yes, I love it! I train each muscle group at least once a week.  Cardio in the off season is a minimum 3 days a week.  Pre-contest, I do cardio every day and lift according to how I feel as calories/body weight drop.

Normally, my meals are broken down to 5 /day with protein shakes around training and before bed.  Pre-contest I eat 5 meals /day and start backing off the shakes a couple weeks from show. Protein is always consistent through day.  I manipulate carbs according to how I look and what my goals are at the time.  I drink 1-2 Gallons of water each day, take vitamins, minerals, protein shakes, essential fats and amino acids. I use NutraClipse preworkout and thermogenic.

I would encourage ANYONE that is not currently in and exercise program or eating healthy (with a purpose) to start NOW!! I have been in this industry long enough to say I have seen the difference it makes not only physically, but mentally and emotionally a huge boost in life and living, being happy!

Elizabeth White  with her game face on! Killing it!

Elizabeth White with her game face on! Killing it!

I have NEVER heard anyone say that they regret making the decision to live healthy and strong!

Thank you for this opportunity to share my story.  I can be reached :


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