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World Champion Water Skier

“I am a World Champion Water skier, and I compete professionally throughout the year. I live AND love to train; whether it’s in the gym, on the water, in the kitchen, or sleeping. My current project is an amateur ski event combined with a charity event that my coach, Matt Rini (@swini_skis) and I (with the help of our sponsors) are currently putting together that will be held at his lake in Orlando in the Spring of 2013. We obviously have a passion for water skiing and we want to be able to give back to the community as well. My obligations are to myself, to my sponsors, and to my country (Canada)- to me that means being responsible, maintaining a positive image, and being the best athlete that I can be.”

Whitney McClintock - World Champion Water Skiier

Whitney McClintock – World Champion (age 23)

I grew up water skiing and that is really the only life I knew. I was introduced to other sports at school and my older brother Jason (@jmacskis) and I were always competing in track and field events; we made all the winter sports teams at school as well. As a child, I was strong and competitive and sports were fun! Jason also kept me busy after school tossing around a football or shooting hoops. It wasn’t until I made the Canadian National Waterski Team that I was introduced to the gym, and fitness in that regard. Sport Canada places a high priority on fitness assessment and tracking athletic development. For that reason, the Canadian Waterski Team has always had personal training programs and we are always seeking something new that will get us that competitive edge. But to be honest, at first I didn’t believe that working out in gym would benefit my career as an athlete. It took some time to build an understanding of how all the body’s systems work together. My injuries and going through rehab sparked my interest in compensation, rebuilding and rebalancing. Once I committed to study Sports and Fitness, my passion began to consume me. I began to really understand how the gym (combined with proper training) was essential to reaching my full potential.


Fitness has made me stronger in every way. When I push myself physically it makes me stronger on the water which also gives me confidence. When I am confident, I can accomplish more because it makes me a mentally tough athlete. Water skiing has guided me to situations in my life that I know God is in full control of. I have developed a trust in Him and a faith through water skiing that I would not have any other way. My family introduced me to water skiing and they know how important the whole lifestyle is to me. Matt (@swini_skis) is definitely the most influential person in my life with regards to my fitness efforts. He is my ski coach but he is also extremely dedicated to my fitness (and his own). He pushes me to lift more than I believe I can. He tells me “yes” when my body tells me “no”. Everyone needs a Matt in their life! Someone who will always tell you that you are capable of more! Having him around comes in really handy on my Cardio days. Cardio has been my biggest obstacle. I know how important it is for me to have a strong cardio-respiratory system; and that makes it even more frustrating. I love spin classes but if my schedule doesn’t line up and it’s up to me to get on a machine or run, I will most likely find something more interesting to do. However, lately I have switched it up so I only do 1 boring low and slow day per week and 1-2 days of HIIT, and 1 spin class. I have committed to put my iPod in my ears and just do it. My Twitter #FITFAM and Matt has been great encouragement for me to make sure I don’t skip my cardio workouts.


When I push myself physically it makes me stronger!

I don’t have a crazy transformation story. I use fitness as a means of accomplishing my goals as an athlete. I am a 1x World Record Holder, 14x Canadian Open Record Holder, 5x World Champion and 7x Pan Am Games medalist (3 gold 4 silver). I am proud about my BSc in Sports and Fitness and my NSCA- CSCS certification. Being a personal trainer allows me to help my friends and family dream bigger about their fitness future and live the fit life everyone deserves. I am still in my off-season so I am in the gym trying to build strength and train my cardio base. I just changed my routine up in the new year so now I have 3 different days consisting of:

-cardio & legs
-shoulders, chest, tris & core
-cardio, back & bis.
My goal is to hit each workout in 3 days then I get a day off.

I take a whole-food supplement by Life Force International called Body Balance- it’s Aloe Vera juice and a proprietary blend of nine sea vegetables. Body Balance helps to balance every system in the body; and has helped me personally to sleep more effectively and recover more rapidly. I also consume an all natural protein shake in the morning or slow digesting protein (casein) at night after heavy lifting sessions in the gym.

A typical day of eating for me:
8am Breakfast- 1c Body Balance, a protein shake made with fat-free milk AND 1/2 c oatmeal with 1 c fat-free milk, 1/4 c berries, 7 chocolate chips, 1 tbsp psyllium husk, 1/2 tbsp hemp seeds
1c Body Balance; a bowl of Quaker oatmeal squares with milk AND 2 egg omelette with 1/4c bell peppers and a sprinkle of low fat mozzarella cheese.
1030 Snack- ToYou Snacks bar and an Activia yogurt
12pm Lunch- chicken breast sandwich with cheese on whole grain bread with lettuce, tomato, mustard & mayo
3 pm snack- apple with ToYou all natural trail mix OR 1/2 c Quaker oatmeal squares cereal with 1/2 c fat-free milk
6 pm dinner- baked chicken breast with vegetables and a sweet potato AND Two dove dark chocolate promises for dessert
8-9PM- I will usually snack on a batch or homemade air popped popcorn with no oil and just a little butter and sea salt
OR if I go to the gym in the evening I will have a casein protein shake made with 1 c of fat-free milk before bed.

*To be honest I would probably also find room for some Swedish Fish or Mike & Ikes. I don’t have many days in my life that I don’t eat candy…*

My current fitness goal is to be stronger and leaner than I have ever been in my life by March. Weekly, that means getting out of my comfort zone and lifting heavier than I did last week. That means, when my legs are shaking with 225 pounds on my back I will still find the power to rep out some squats. Daily, that means doing that last round of core circuit when it already hurts. And finishing my 45 mins of cardio even though my mind keeps telling me to stop. I can accomplish my goals, it’s all about mind over matter. I will be physically capable of so much more in a month than I am capable of today, but it’s not going to be comfortable.

If you’re sitting at home and you’re thinking that you would like to make fitness a part of your lifestyle (and it is a lifestyle) know this; if you can dream it, you can do it! If you truly, deep down to your core, want something, you will find a way to make it a reality. Block out any negativity. Every time your mind tells you “no”, tell yourself out loud “I can do it!” “push!” Wake up 30 minutes earlier and put your running shoes on and go walk-run for 20 minutes. If you are a member at a gym, mark a 30-60 minute appointment into your calendar at least 4 x a week: “my time to shine”. Make it your job to tweet a new inspirational quote every morning while you are eating breakfast. Make fitness and health your obsession, not your number on the scale. When you feel good and love working out, there will be no turning back!

Whitney (age 17)

Whitney (age 17)

I wouldn’t be where I am today without the amazing support of my sponsors:
@swini_skis @nautiqueboats @radarskis @toyousnacks @tmhonu
and my parents @McClintocks

Shout out to my big bro: @jmacskis. He’s a tattooed, jeep driving, TRX certified, home gym fitness inspiration and a member of the Canadian National Waterski Team.

“Go for what your mind wants, and don’t give up until your heart is satisfied!”

That’s my quote and personal motto. 

Twitter: @whitmcclintock

Photo credit goes to my mom @McClintocks